Big Brother UK S11E57 (Channel 4)

Josie chases Sam away after he pops onto her bed again. Josie says that she’s black and white. JJ says that he’s black and white but Josie is gray. Sam comes back and Josie starts bickering with him. She is holding a grudge. Josie really despises Sam. JJ² understands. Josie goes out to argue some more. Sam tells her to shut up.

Dave keeps saying that he’s hammered drunk on the love of the Lord. Steve is in the diary room being annoyed at Dave for his talk of the Lord. He likes the family man Dave. Dave apologizes to Andy for waking him up last night.

All of the HM are gathered for the Save and Replace task. Rachel, JJ, and Moley are nominated. Moley is considering throwing the task. I think that’s all BS. He’s going to try his hardest and try to stay in the house. Sam makes some barbs at Rachel. It’s supposed to be funny. It’s not that funny.

For the Save and Replace task, HM must crawl across a super sticky surface and swat a fly. The fastest will be exempt from nominations. JJ is pretty fast. Moley is also pretty fast. Rachel is slow. She gets stuck. She completes it. Moley wins. Moley completed it in 27 seconds. Rachel took over 4 minutes. Moley explains that he will pick either Steve or Dave. He’s going to flip a coin. It ends up being Dave. That’s not a surprise. I hope that Rachel or Dave goes. Probably Dave.

Moley asks JJ if he did the right thing. JJ tells him no. He should have told them which face of the coin corresponded to which name it went. JJ says that they probably both wanted to know. Dave believes that he would have been picked no matter what.

Dave is in the diary room. He didn’t like how things went down. There is some flirting between JJ² and Corin. Andy, Steve, and Corin are talking about Moley.

Moley starts talking again about his decision. Dave says that he would have never done that. He would have chosen the person. Jo tells the boys to quit arguing and discussing it. They are discussing things ad vitam eternam.

BB has called Andy to the diary room. He has a special task. He must hide a bottle in the house and make sure that no one finds it. It is tied to booze for the entire house.

Andy, is that a bottle in your pants or are you just happy to see BB?

Andy hides it in the cupboard in the toilet. Jo is told that she has to find the bottle. She has one hour to find it. It’s a secret mission. She starts searching. She searched the toilet one time already. Later, Andy pretends that he’s sick and pretends that he’s puking to occupy the toilet.

Andy and Jo are called to the diary room. Andy wins. They get alcohol for the house.

For some reason, Sam is wearing a cockroach suit in the pool. JJ is in the diary room. He says that the way that Moley nominated Dave was dodgy. JJ says that he would never do this to one of his friends.

Corin talks about sharing a bed with JJ². Dave, Sam, and Andy talk about Corin and JJ². JJ² doesn’t seem to want to get with Corin. He’s not interested.

Corin asks JJ² if he wants to share a bed. She says that he hasn’t had a cuddle in 2 months. JJ² says that he’s good at cuddling. There is some action going on under the covers tonight.

* * * * *

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