Big Brother UK S11E58 (Channel 4)

The house is set for this week’s shopping task. It looks like the HM will be performing in some kind of a musical play. Corin is happy to have a new cuddle buddy. The HM will be performing a Dickensian play of some kind. Great Expectations. JJ isn’t too happy about the costumes. He keeps swearing about them. It’s funny. JJ has to spend a whole day with Rachel locked in a room. JJ comes to whinge to BB about the task. They will be playing Mrs. Havishams. Andy is playing Oliver Twist, JJ² is the Artful Dodger, Josie is Nancy, Sam is Charley Bates, Jo is Tom Chitling, Steve is Bill Sykes, Corin is Scrooge, Dave is Mr. Bumble, Moley is David Coperfield. The HM have to complete six challenges. Each challenge is worth 50 quid towards the shopping budget.

Dave has to cook gruel for Mr. Bumble. The HM have to eat gruel 3 times a day.

JJ and Rachel are stuck in a room. JJ is complaining to Rachel on and on. What he doesn’t know is that JJ is on the plasma in the living room. They have to sleep on chairs from midnight to wake up. The other HM enjoy watching them. 15 minutes later, JJ walks out of the task room. He goes to the diary room.

JJ is shit when he is forced to do something he doesn’t want to. Dave thinks that JJ will be in trouble on Friday. JJ tells Rachel that if he leaves they fail their part of the task.

As Scrooge, Corin is in charge of the house purse strings. Each time any HM wishes to shower, smoke, or eat any other food than gruel, they must beg Scrooge for a coin. She’s got 78 coins in total. She must retain at least 28 coins to pass the task. None of the HM know about this.

Fagan’s Gang has to perform a song and dance. Sam is already annoying the HM. Each time a song is played, Steve has to play darts in the garden until he gets a bull’s eye.

The Mrs. Havishams have been in task room for 4 hours or so and want to give up. Dave and Corin have brought them some gruel. It took Steve 46 minutes to get a bull’s eye. Right after he scores, the music sounds again.

The Havishams are coming out. JJ doesn’t care anymore. In fact, he never cared about it.

Josie and Sam argue because Sam was nagging her about heel clicks.

Some of the HM start talking about nominations. They will be punished. Sam and Dave start arguing as well. Boy, Sam Pepper is sure arguing with a lot of people today.

Dave starts arguing with JJ. JJ is no longer wearing his costume. BB warns them that not all of the HM are wearing their costume, they will fail. Sam is arguing with JJ again. I don’t know why JJ is being so difficult. He might get evicted because of his behaviour.

The HM start their performance. For Fagan’s Gang to pass, their video must receive 100K views by Friday.

Corin and Jo are talking about JJ². Corin doesn’t think that JJ² doesn’t think of her in that way. She’d know it by now.

Andy talks about JJ in the diary room. He doesn’t like how he is behaving recently. JJ has been swearing more and angry.

Dave tells JJ that they need to eat all of the gruel. JJ starts to argue with Dave. JJ doesn’t like how much gruel that he is getting. Rachel tells JJ to stop arguing. JJ is nitpicking. He’s being a complete wanker. JJ is looking like an ass. JJ’s nostrils are flaring and he’s getting really angry.

Steve, Jo, and Moley are talking about JJ. Jo says that Josie is lovely. Josie told her that she doesn’t like it when he gets so angry. Jo says that he’s gotten away with arrogance and argumentative behaviour too much. He’s always moaning. Steve says that he’s rude. Moley chooses to ignore him. Jo says that he was an only child and spoiled by his mom. It’s started to grate on her. He’s got bad manners. It riles Jo.

* * * * *

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