Big Brother UK Eviction S11E59 (Channel 4)

Moley will perform a magic trick with Davina. Josie didn’t request a token from Corin, so she incurred a fail for Corin. Corin is allowed two fails.

JJ tells JJ² that he’s an easy target.

JJ is on a 3-day cycle.

The chest is talking to JJ². Josie runs in hears him talking. She’s an annoying fatty sometimes. Once again, Dave breaks the rules about talking about the nominations. A lot of the HM chime in.

The chest talks with Josie. It says that she needs to get JJ². They need to pinch 5 of the props that the HM are supposed to keep an eye on. If they do so, the chest will double the money the HM will get for the shopping task. They’ve got two hours. They are pretty good at it. They complete their mission.

Andy is worried that he broke the rules and that no matter what they do, BB will take away the luxury shopping budget.

Josie and Sam are going at it again in the bedroom.

BB gathers the HM. They are shown footage of their rule-breaking. They keep talking about nominations. It’s mostly Dave. Dave, JJ, and Rachel cannot nominate Sam next week because of their rule-breaking. Dave starts talking again about nominations.

Josie tells JJ that Sam told her that it should be illegal that she wears a swimsuit in the shower. Josie says that every time he opens his mouth she wants to leave. She basically says that Sam erodes her self-confidence by constantly attacking her.

Once again, Josie breaks the rules of Scrooge’s task. The HM are unaware that they have failed that part of the task. Sam is going over the books and finds it annoying that the smokers are going through the tokens very quickly. Corin isn’t really Scrooge. She can’t be mean. Sam is arguing with Corin. She stands her ground and isn’t interested in bickering with Sam. Corin calls him a total knob. The boys find it funny.

Sam doesn’t understand that it just makes him look like an asshole. Corin is pretty strong and she won’t back down from personal attacks. Sam looks like a total wanker. She calls him a dick.

This task is pretty good. It’s pushing the HM’s buttons. Once again, Josie and the JJs talk about nominations.

Rachel and Andy pretend that the chest is talking to them to wind up Steve. JJ tells Sam that he needs to stop insulting the HM. Sam is pretending that it is just banter. Josie doesn’t like hearing this. Dave and JJ are talking about Sam’s bikini comment. Josie is now pissed at JJ as well for bringing it up.

Why does a grown woman suck her thumb so much? Doesn’t she realize that she looks like an idiot? Who dies that anyway?

Eviction Night

Moley performs his magic trick. Davina is wearing some magic assistant duds. The HM watch this on the plasma. He turns a magic box around a few times and out pops Davina. The crowd is chanting Moley or Mario, I can’t tell.

Davina talks with the BBUK house. Rachel is evicted. That wasn’t a surprise. She gets booed quite a bit. JJ’s nomination of her was the best. She is shown footage of how annoying she was.

Josie and Dave’s message to Rachel were really good.

* * * * *

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