Big Brother UK S11E61 (Channel 4)

Some of the HM are talking about Sam in the bedroom. They are talking about fans on the outside and the advantages that he had coming in knowing about things.

Josie says that Sam is alright. She’s been ignoring him and he’s been OK with her.

Jo tells Corin that she wants to go. She doesn’t like it here. She can’t handle people swaggering around with an attitude. Jo doesn’t like JJ. It’s because he thinks he’s got a lot of followers and he’s untouchable. She can’t stand him.

The boys are playing marbles. Moley is annoyed. BB tells Sam to take the marbles and the chalk to the diary room. Sam retained a piece of chalk from the shopping. He “defaced” the fixtures and fittings of the BBUK house. As punishment, he has to leave the marbles. Dave comes to complain. He is told that BB won’t be returning the marbles. Dave says that there might be a revolt.

Jo tells Corin that she has just got to treat JJ as he treats her. JJ has treated her well, so she should judge him by that, and not by anything else.

The HM are painting graffiti. Pepper is making a portrait of Corin with some paint cans. Andy chose to draw a pic of Moley’s massive left bollock. The winning portrait, as judged by Sam, will be displayed in the house. He’s quite nice with his critique. He says that Moley’s portrait of Andy wins.

Moley’s picture of Andy is on the storeroom door. His picture is quite good. Josie is in the diary room. She says that there are too many men in the BBUK house. Josie doesn’t mind, she’s a bit of a tomboy.

Moley is complaining that the picture will be covered in food in a few days. Moley is taking it to heart. He’s an annoying git. I wonder why they don’t use a frame.

Sam is called to the diary room. He is going to be punished for talking about the outside room. He has to glue peppercorns to a statement.

Jo makes fun of the boys whining about the marbles being taken away by BB.

Corin and Josie are talking about Sam. Josie likes that side of him that he’s shown during the task.

Sam has been in the diary room for over an hour trying to glue the peppercorns to the statement. He’s making a right mess. His technique works quite well though.

JJ tells Moley that he just takes things too serious. He’s always expecting to see more because he’s such a massive BB fan. JJ tells him to relax.

The HM receive their shopping. Steve has been called to the diary room. He gets the chance to win some booze. He needs to scare 3 HM with a loud noise in order to get some booze. Moley, Corin, Andy, San, and Josie are his victims. He wins his task.

JJ and Dave are talking about Steve. Since the Cougar came in, Steve has changed.

The HM have been playing a game of ‘I have never…’ Questions about who fancies who pop up. Jo is trying to make the HM say who they fancy or want to snog. It’s just teenage stuff. Dave and JJ aren’t involved. Andy admits to screwing a watermelon. He put it in the microwave to warm it up a bit, but it was too hot for his penis. That’s was really funny.

The JJs are in the bathroom talking about the HM. He saw something in Corin’s personality that he didn’t like. JJ says that he thinks that she’s holding back so that she doesn’t get nominated. It had to do with an argument she had with Sam. They both like Sam, because he brings out the real personalities of the HM. With him, what you see is what you get. Sam pushes the buttons of the HM. JJ says that Sam is bringing out people’s true selves, which they didn’t want to expose in the BBUK house.

* * * * *

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