Velocite Geos Prototype Budget Weight Weenie

Velocite Geos prototype and components

I’m pretty happy to say that my next carbon fiber bike is getting put together. It took a little while longer to source all of the parts as I was trying to keep costs as low as possible. This involved trying to use second-hand or slightly used gear, but in the end, all of it is new. As I write this post, I only have to receive the Power Cordz before we put this thing together. I’m quite optimistic about the final weight. I have a lot of slightly lighter stuff on this and I’m guessing that it will weigh about 6.5kg, if not lighter.

Frame and seat post weight

More weight savings can be had with the crank and wheels, although I’m unwilling to do so right now. While the prototype frame doesn’t look like much, it is quite light. I call this the budget weenie, but I have no way of knowing exactly the final cost of this build. It’s spread out over time, since I have been awaiting the frame for a few months and have been gathering some parts. Without the price of the frameset, I’d estimate the cost at around $1,000-1,300 USD without the wheels. The wheels would probably add another $1,000-1,200 USD.

Front end

This means that building a budget weight weenie is doable especially if you source parts through different outlets, not minding in getting slightly used parts from the second hand market. Although this wasn’t my case, it can save you quite a bit of money. For the SRAM Red parts that I needed, I was quoted anything from $900-1,500 USD new. Used they’d be significantly cheaper.

Syntace Racelite handlebars 42cm

In essence, this will be my testing rig. I plan on trying to lower the weight with hacks, mods, and parts that most people overlook, except if you’re a weight weenie. Most definitely, one of the first interesting upgrades will be a crank with some carbon fiber crankrings. Once again though, I plan on restraining myself to stay on a budget and to keep costs as low as possible. This isn’t a dream ride, it’s a budget weenie. By this, I mean that the bike has got a purpose and the main purpose is to see what can be done to weenie a build without spending too much money.

Ritchey WCS stem 120mm

I do plan on buying a pair of lightweight climbing wheels. On this build, they’d reduce the weight significantly. But I’m going to be looking at tuning the RD, FD, seat post, and brakes. Buying some new AX Lightness skewers for the wheels and changing all of the bolts to titanium. The frame is matte and a bit non-nondescript. I think that with the raw carbon showing, it would look better.

I chose 180-gram Syntace carbon bars, which I liked. It was different than what I was used to. Instead of spending hundreds on a carbon fiber stem, I weighed the Ritchey WCS stem in 120mm and was surprised by its low 125-gram weight, which is well worth the price.

The crank could be changed, but in all honesty, I paid a very cheap price for the SRAM Red crank, so changing it won’t really be a priority. I’d have to spend double the amount I paid for a used Zipp VumaQuad.

Velocite Geos frame 915g (verified)
Velocite TLCS seat post 145g (verified)
Syntace Carbon bars 180g (verified)
Ritchey WCS 120mm stem 125g (verified)
Velocite SCS carbon fiber saddle 113g (verified)
Velocite light headset
Velocite light fork
SRAM Red crank 175mm
SRAM Red Doubletap Shifters
Velocite Unity seat post clamp
Velocite Elemental FD clamp
Power Cordz + iLinks cabling
TRP 960SL + SwissStop Yellow
Velocite Ethereal bottle cages
Prologo bar tape
Front Wheel
(Fulcrum Racing 0 + Schwalbe Ultreamo R1 +
Michelin tubes + skewers)
Rear Wheel
(Fulcrum Racing 0 + Schwalbe Ultreamo R1 +
Michelin tubes + skewers +
Recon Ti cassette)

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