Big Brother UK Eviction S11E66 (Channel 4)

One of the nominated HM will win a ticket to the Final. Also, BBUK is ending in 11 days. Wow, they cut that short! It’s supposed to be longer.

JJ tells Jo and Dave that Sam has taken over the shopping. JJ puts Sam in his place. Some of the other HM want some stuff too. Sam is being a little bitch, as usual. My guess is that he’ll get evicted tonight. The crowd dislikes him, as do most of the HM.

JJ thinks that Sam will be evicted tonight. Josie is sucking her thumb. JJ is near his 3-day cycle and needs to argue.

For today’s task, the HM will take on BB in a game of I Spy in the diary room. The winner gets to choose 5 HM for a party. JJ² tells Sam to not peek. Sam isn’t impressed. Corin goes first and gets it in 44”. Andy guessed his is 1”. Josie is too busy eating. There’s someone in a gorilla suit that scares her. Sam guessed his in 1”. Sam and Andy win and get to choose 4 other HM to join them in a party.

Josie gets pissed at JJ for something that happened ages ago. JJ talked with Laura. Sam gets involved. Sam goes after Josie when she goes to the bedroom. The JJs say that Sam is a prick. JJ has to physically chase him away. Josie denies that she was upset. She lies about it and JJ is pissed. It had to do with the night that he tried to leave. Josie is embarrassed. Sam comes in and distracts the talk. Sam is pissing JJ off. Josie is laughing. JJ keeps repeating “F*ck off for 5 minutes”. Josie says that Sam is such a little prick.

Sam and Andy chose Dave, JJ², Jo, and Moley to go to the party. Steve, Corin, JJ, and Josie are in the bedroom cut off from the party in the living room. Josie tells JJ that she’s trying to find reasons to push him away. That’s what she usually does. JJ thinks that this means that she doesn’t like him or wants to be with him.

The JJs and Dave are talking about Sam in the shower. They bitch about him. Sam is eavesdropping. Corin and Josie do the same. They hear some nasty stuff.

I feel sorry for her because she’s not very smart.
JJ about Josie

He’s stuck so far up her arse that he might stay.
JJ² about Sam and Josie

JJ realizes that Sam was eavesdropping. He tells JJ². Sam goes to confront JJ and they start shouting. Sam looks like he’s about to cry. He goes to the bedroom. JJ comes in and starts shouting at Sam. It gets pretty loud. JJ thinks that Sam is using Josie to remain in the house. BB calls JJ to the diary room. I don’t think that Sam will win in a shouting match with JJ.

I believe Sammy is fake as f*ck!

Josie and Moley are trying to make Sam feel better.

Eviction Night

The winner of BBUK 11 will go back into the BBUK house to compete against other BBUK winners and faves in the ultimate face off.

Jo is evicted! I’m pretty happy that Pepper is still in the house. He stirs up shit and it’s entertaining to watch. She gets proper boos.

Davina talks with the BBUK house again. She tells them that the final is in 11 days on August 24th. JJ screams bullshit. The HM will get to choose a HM to get a ticket to the final. The HM chose Josie, but Sam says that Josie will be there anyway. Josie wants someone else to have it. Pepper says that they should choose Josie no matter what. Josie can’t believe it.

* * * * *

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