Big Brother UK S11E62 (Channel 4)

Last night, JJ² indicated to the house that he didn’t fancy Corin. JJ², Josie, and Jo are talking about girls. Josie says that JJ² is quite nice, even if he doesn’t fancy Corin. Jo says that Josie wouldn’t be around, she would have had an argument with JJ.

Dave looks down on the HM who played ‘I never have’. He tells this to Andy. Josie says that this comment offended her. Dave said that Andy lost his dignity.

BB tells Andy that he’s become a scientist and he’ll investigate human contact. JJ² will be a personal space invader. They must test all of the HM to see how long they can maintain in physical contact. The HM who stay in contact for 3 minutes will join Andy and JJ² for an intimate dinner.

JJ² touches feet with Corin and Dave. It lasted 14 minutes. Dave only lasted 57 seconds. JJ² gives Jo a hug.

Dave is concerned about his comments to Jo and some others. He talks with Josie. He says that he was only mucking about. He’s a liar. He was totally serious.

Later, JJ² tackles JJ and they do some tussling and wrestling. He holds Josie hands to see JJ’s reaction. JJ² tells Josie that he was a bit put off Corin when he saw her freak out at Pepper. He never fancied her to start out with. He’s still holding onto her knee 14 minutes later.

Andy is watching and commenting on this in the task room. JJ² asks Moley to give him a massage. JJ² plans on having an arm wrestling match with Sam. A few minutes later, he goads Steve and Dave into an arm wrestling match. Steve’s arms are very big. It lasts only a few seconds.

‘Cause you haven’t got a fat face you don’t look hideous.
Sam to Josie

Andy and JJ² are in the diary room. They completed their task. They will be joined by Corin, Josie, and Sam. Moley was invading JJ²’s space.

Josie tells Corin about JJ² feelings about her. Josie doesn’t tell her that he explicitly told her that JJ² doesn’t fancy her.

JJ², Andy, Josie, Corin, and Sam have their meal. They are supposed to maintain physical contact as much as possible. The other HM are watching from the kitchen. Mrs. Piggy Josie’s wrap jizzes all over her dress. She has trouble with moderation, doesn’t she? She’s lying and moaning on the ground.

JJ, Dave, and Josie give Sam a super wedgie when he is on the bed with them goofing around.

Corin has been called to the diary room to find a way to get Pepper’s suitcase back. It involves getting the HM give out an item that begins with a letter of his name. She’s successful in her task and brings in his suitcase. It’s strange how touchy feely the guys in the house are.

That night, Dave tells JJ² off that every time that he shows compassion, it’s for some task. Things get slightly nasty. Dave also says that the only HM he still trusted face swapped him last week. Dave once again starts talking about nominations. He will never learn.

* * * * *

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