Big Brother UK S11E63 (Channel 4)

It’s in your face nominations day and I can’t wait to see the HM’s reactions!

BB has gathered the HM on the sofas. They are told that the noms have been cancelled. They have been replaced by nasty nominations. HM will be nominating face-to-face. The HM will not talk at all during the noms. Josie is very stressed about this process. She goes to make tea. HM have to change immediately. Andy looks very worried *gasp*.

Before the process starts, Jo asks to go home. What a crybaby. The HM don’t think that she’ll walk. A few seconds later, Jo decides to stay.

Dave, JJ, and Josie cannot nominate Sam as punishment for talking about the noms.

Nasty Nominations

Andy                     Sam                       Steve
Corin                     Sam                       Jo            Corin starts to cry and makes a big deal.
Dave                      Moley                   Jo
Josie                      JJ²                           Andy
Jo                            Corin                     Dave
JJ                             Corin                     Moley
JJ²                           Moley                   Steve
Moley                   JJ²                           Dave
Sam                       Jo                            Dave
Steve                    JJ²                           Moley   Sam has to vote for Steve

Moley, Dave, Jo, and JJ² are nominated. JJ and Josie received no noms. It’s surprising that JJ and Sam didn’t get nominated. These nominations are very different from usual nominations. When Dave goes on about saying that he was completely honest about it and JJ keeps swearing that his alter-ego JJ² was nominated, Josie tells them to leave it.

Moley is angry. He walked away from JJ and JJ feels that he needs to take it up with him.

The Save & Replace task will happen later today. Moley smokes! Under the new BB rules, HM are allowed to talk about it. Dave says that he will put up Steve or Pepper. JJ² will put up Steve.

Dave is called to the diary room. He is called on for persistently breaking the rules regarding talking or influencing nominations. He told Andy that he could vote for him. As punishment, he will not allowed to take part of the task.

Sam is pretty funny. JJ² thought that Sam would nominate him. Sam says that he wouldn’t nominate JJ².

HM must replay back an ever increasing number of animal sounds in sequence. JJ² is first. JJ² gets 5 or 7, I’m not sure. Jo has to prompted by BB. Jo can’t do animal sounds. She just says the sounds. It’s pretty funny. Jo got about 11. Moley is amazing. He is in the diary room 11 minutes after starting out.

BB tells the HM that JJ² got 6, Jo got 11 animals, and Moley got 22 animal sounds. Moley wins the task. Moley picks Pepper. I’m not surprised. Sam is the odd man out. A lot of the HM would have picked him. Sam look surprised and sad.

Dave tells Andy that Josie should feel awful because she tried to hedge her bets during the nominations. He is talking to Andy about it. Corin gets annoyed and tells Dave off. Dave is annoying.

Moley tells Sam that he picked him because he has spent less time with him.

Sam goes to the diary room. He says that it’s rubbish staying in the house for 2 weeks. He was very surprised that Moley picked him. JJ tells Josie that he wished that she had talked to him about her noms. JJ says that she doesn’t care equally about all of the HM. She should have picked the HM that she cared less about. Josie feels like shit and she should. JJ is annoyed. JJ says that he didn’t get a bucket because everyone in here is tactical.

Jo and the JJs are talking about Corin. Jo says that she would have never picked her. JJ is surprised that he didn’t get nominated. She talks to them about loyalty. She feels betrayed by Corin so she will not be continuing being that friendly with her.

Dave has come to the diary room. He complains that BB doesn’t want him in the BBUK house. Of course, he’s just being a git. BB isn’t Christian. Dave is trying to make BB Christian, but BB doesn’t give a shit.

Sam goes to the diary room. For talking about the noms, he won’t be allowed to nominate next week. This was a conversation that he had about with JJ². Sam comes out and tells Dave to stop feeling sorry for himself. I think that Sam is right.

She isn’t a smart cookie.
JJ talking to JJ² about Josie

* * * * *

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