Big Brother UK S11E64 (Channel 4)

The HM are gathered for today’s task. There is a wheelbarrow filled with manure in the garden. The HM will become horsemates. They will become pantomime horses. Sam has trouble finding a partner. Jo doesn’t want to be with Sam. She makes that clear to begin with. Sam calls her a bitch later.

Jo talks with JJ about Sam. Dave is having a hard time. To me, it looks like Dave is playing up to the cameras to stay in the house. Meanwhile, the Cougar is breaking down once again.

Sam has come to the diary room. He wants to give up something for Dave so that he can get his message from his kids. That’s quite nice of him.

Jo, JJ, and Josie talk some shit about Corin. They all dislike her now and think that she was being totally fake. JJ doesn’t trust her. Jo dislikes her for nominating her and being fake. Josie is weary of her.

Sam gets a task by the chest of temptation. He’s to smear cheese all over his armpits and pass off the odour as his own to win Dave’s message. If 3 HM comment on his BO, he will win his task.

The winning horse will leave the BBUK house and compete in the annual pantomime horse race. They will also get the chance to win £500. Steve and Dave are the trainers.

Sam smears the cheese all over himself, but Corin hasn’t said one word. Over the next two days, the horsemates will be competing in a series of events. Sam smears some extra stuff on him. I think he used onions. In the bedroom, Sam rolls on the HM so that they smell his funk. Josie says that he stinks of garlic. Sam goes to the bathroom. The chest talks to him. Sam was successful. The chest says that the use of garlic was ingenious.

In the 1st task, the HM have to run across the task room before the bleep sounds. The JJs were the fastest. Sam/Corin are 2nd. Moley/Andy are 3rd. Jo/Josie are out.

Sam has been called into the diary room. He gets the letter for Dave but can’t tell the HM how he got it. Sam gathers the HM in the kitchen. Sam reads the letter for Dave. Josie is sucking her thumb. Dave is crying.

It’s the second part of the task. The HM must answer questions in a quiz. The JJs smoke the other teams. Sam/Corin are out.

The JJs, Moley, and Josie are talking about Jo. She’s struggling. JJ thinks that she is trying to get to the end and she’s playing a game. The others agree.

* * * * *

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