Big Brother UK S11E65 (Channel 4)

The HM are pretty grumpy in the morning. Sam is up to his usual tricks. He’s trying to get a rise out of Josie. He pulled off the covers of JJ and Josie’s bed. It revealed Josie in her knickers. She’s pretty annoyed with Sam, who doesn’t let things stop. He continues to annoy her for some time.

JJ and Josie were talking until 5AM. It kept some of the HM up.

The horsemates have their last comp. it’s doing some kind of a course in the garden. The JJs will win. The horsemates are tied. They have to do another run. Andy trips a barrier so the JJs win. That was a close one. Even if Andy hadn’t tripped a barrier, the JJs would have won. Their time was 8.41 seconds vs 9.13+2” penalty.

Josie pours some water in Sam’s pocket while he is taking a nap. He pours something else on him. She runs after him with a whip. JJ tries to separate them. Josie throws some pasta sauce on him. Sam goes after her with all of the sauces. They make a mess in the kitchen.

The JJs are called to the diary room. They are told that they will be leaving the BBUK house. Once again, Moley is pissed. That guy is such an ass. He goes to have a sulk. I think that Ben is right. Whenever the attention goes away from him, he has a little hissy fit.

Pepper dresses up as a tranny and bugs Josie. She tells him to piss off.

Dave tells Moley and Andy that Josie is quite different. She’s proper crazy. She’s totally different from anyone he met before. She’s one of a kind.

Josie is taking a nap in the garden. Pepper wakes her up by shouting at her. He’s really annoying her.

The horsemates arrive at the pantomime race. They must be 1st to win £500. If they fail to place in the top 5, they will fail the task. They finish 3rd, they win £300.

They go back to the house. The HM are shown footage of the race.

Sam discovers that all of his hats have gone. He makes a fuss. JJ² knows where they are, but he didn’t hide them. A few minutes later, Sam is building some contraption in the kitchen. It’s a loudspeaker. He shouts in the bedroom and makes noise. It sort of sounds like death metal.

Sam had four coffees at around midnight and is completely hyper. He breaks JJ’s bracelet and hides in the garden in between the laundry.

* * * * *

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