Training & Diet Week 21 Day 1-7

I’ve been struggling with finding time for training over the last two weeks because I’m teaching a lot more hours than before. The one morning and afternoon in the week that I do have off, I usually catch up on sleep. Today is Saturday and it’s starting to rain. I hope to go out for a long-ish run today, about 10km.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. I need to go to bed earlier so that I can wake up at 7AM instead of 7:30 and go for a run before heading to work. This has always been my plan, but it’s been hard to do so because I go to bed so late. Hacking yourself back to fitness isn’t easy but I’m willing to continue trying. Going for a bike ride in the morning is a bad idea because I’m still groggy and grumpy. I’d probably have an accident, although a quick 30km could be squeezed in as well instead of a run.

1 milk tea, rice, egg, pork, dragonfruit, wrap w 3 eggs and onions, muesli cereal, cherries, 1 peach.

1 milk tea, rice w pork and veg, chicken w steamed green beans and brocoli, 2 peaches.

1 milk tea, coffee, 1 peach, rice, pork, veg, rice beef, veg, bowl of cereal, fanta.

1 milk tea, 1 French hazelnut latte, rice, pork, veg, 2 chicken legs, burger, fries, fanta.

1 milk tea, 1 French hazelnut latte, 5 sandwhiches, mueslix, wrap w guacamole.

1 milk tea, OJ w 2 kiwis, fresh squeezed OJ (8 oranges), wrap with 2 egg-omelette.

1 milk tea, rice w chicken leg curry, fruits.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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