Big Brother UK S11E67 (Channel 4)

The JJs and Josie are talking about Sam. Sam is in the garden talking to Dave about JJ. Andy, Jo, and Moley are talking about what happened.

Dave explains what JJ is feeling. Dave says that the way that he is with people, he’s got to be able to take it as well as dishing it out. Sam doesn’t want to talk with JJ anymore.

Sam is talking to Josie at the carousel. He’s got a poor me attitude. Later, JJ and Sam are in the lounge but not talking to each other. JJ starts talking first. Josie tells him that he needs to sort that shit out. They go to the nest to talk.

JJ says that he stood up for Sam to anyone. Sam starts to cry again. JJ apologizes. They hug it out.

Sam goes to the diary room. He’s embarrassed crying on TV.

The JJs and Dave are talking about what happened. They both regret talking about him in the shower. JJ dares Josie to splash him again. She does so. He fills up a small bucket and goes after her. He slightly gets her but decides to splash her some more. JJ pours some water on her bum in the bed. That was a bit much. JJ comes back in and pours some OJ down her pants. That was too much. I wonder why he takes it so far each time. He’s got issues.

Corin is stretching in some strange clothes. Steve is checking her out. Corin is basically wearing clothes to go out.

Some of the HM start betting on what will happen tonight. The speculation on who will go continues. Meanwhile, Jo is pissed off because she heard the other HM talk. Whatever, she wasn’t a good HM. She goes to the diary room. Then she comes out and flips out at the HM.

JJ and Josie are talking about having sex in the house. She doesn’t want to have sex in the house. They are joking around.

BB gathers the HM for tonight’s eviction. Jo is gone. It’s not a big loss. Cougar shmoogar. Some of the HM try and delude themselves that this was a good reception. She got super-booed! JJ² is still stressed because it might be a double eviction.

Moley is having a cry. Josie thinks that he looks cute. Davina talks with the BBUK house. They are told that they have to choose a HM to go to the final. The HM choose Josie. The HM are told about Ultimate BB. The winner of BBUK 11 will go back into the house to fight against other HM of the past.

The JJs are talking about Corin. JJ dislikes her. Moley and Andy come to the diary room. Moley thinks it will get dirty now because there are only 11 days left.

Dave tells Sam that he’s lucky that it wasn’t a double. He heard the crowd shouting “Get Sammy out!” he didn’t hear anything about Dave. They are messing around.

Josie has come to the diary room. She’s shocked that everyone picked her. It made her feel amazing. She’s got a big bum that girl, because I can remember other HM sitting in pairs on the diary room chair. There’s room for only one Josie.

It’s going to be a quadruple eviction on Friday!

* * * * *

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