Covert Affairs In the Light S01E05 (USA)

Covert Affairs title card

Following the success of Burn Notice, USA is trying another espionage-based series. While I didn’t expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Granted, Piper Perabo helps, and while she doesn’t look like a 20-year old anymore, she looks young enough to fit the bill for the title character. I find it surprising that a young CIA trainee would be put directly into the field. Also, it’s my understanding that on domestic issues, the FBI runs the show, not the CIA. The CIA has the operational directive of anything out of the US. I am unsure that it’s legal for the CIA to run a domestic operation, but I could be wrong.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

3 SAM missiles are on their way to the US. The shipper is Hassan Walid. Annie has to try and contact McAuley, some burned up spy that everyone had tried bringing back.

Jay’s dad, Henry Wilcox, comes by. Jay asks her out for drinks. Jay finds out that Hassan is coming with the shipment.

Annie is told by the guy to get off his property. He had some tire puncturing barricades that Annie just drove through. After she changes her tire, she befriends his two dogs. He says something about Henry Wilcox, which sends Annie back to the office.

Ben Mercer is in Khartoum, Sudan. He’s trying to find Walid. Annie talks with Wilcox, and he says that everyone leaves because of money or love. She checks up on McAuley and finds out that he left because of an agent that was KIA. The next morning, she goes back to see McAuley. He met Vanessa Sinclair and they were involved for 20 years. She was involved in black ops. She tells him that her death involved Hassan Walid and he’s coming to the US.

Wilcox tells Arthur that they need to turn Hassan, not turn him over to the FBI. There are some stories that best stay buried.

Jay, Annie, and McAuley go NYC with $100K. McAuley is able to ditch Jay and Annie. He also took the money. His contact was Sadik Maisa, a Sudanese national. He has the money. They find dope and guns in his place. They take the money back and question him. He tells him the info he told McAuley. They know where Hassan is.

Arthur wants a CIA team to take down Hassan. Annie decides to go after McAuley. Jay follows. They find McAuley. McAuley says that Hassan got his start with CIA weapons and CIA money. When they sent Vanessa, he killed her. Annie talks down McAuley, but Ben Mercer shoots and kilsl Hassan and makes an exit, Parkour style. He sees Annie. Jay goes after Ben. Ben is a good traceur and makes his escape. He pulls a gun on Jay, and walks away.

Wilcox told Arthur who Hassan was.

* * * * *

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