Rubicon Keep the Ends Out S01E03 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t disappointing and I can’t wait to see more of this show. It’s surprising how good I found this. It’s actually hard to describe, but basically, a think tank considers national security investigations and are asked to find out more about them. It’s also got to do with espionage, money trails, and other conspiracies.

* * * * *

Will spots a tail on him. It’s the same man that was tailing him last time. Joan, David’s widow, is here to pick up his stuff. She’s never seen his office. She tells him that Evan is coming to town and wants to see him. There is some history there. Evan has never liked Will.

Maggie’s ex appears in town. She looks aghast.

Katherine is going to meet Wheeler.

Will’s team doesn’t know much about the guys in the photos. They specialize in the Middle East. The German Intelligence service isn’t being cooperative. Will’s boss offers to give them a nudge.

Maggie tells her boss about her problem with her ex Craig. He tells her that people don’t change and that she should stay away from him.

Will meets with Evan. It looks like Evan was institutionalized. His dad never came to visit. Evan wants the bike that David gave Will. Will goes home and disassembles the bike to see if anything was hidden in it. He finds a photo of David and Evan, when Evan was a child. He finds a code on the tape that held the saddle together. Inside the saddle, he finds a gun.

Will is followed again and confronts the guy. He punches Will in his belly and leaves. He goes to see Ed again. Ed says that he thinks that David knew that he was going to die. He tells Ed about Evan and the bike. Ed says that he should give it to him. Will says that he will, he doesn’t want to.

Katherine meets with Wheeler. He denies knowing that Tom had the townhouse. He was lying.

Miles has got some personal problems. He’s divorced and trying to reconnect with his ex, but she isn’t interested.

The digits are dates tied to the Yankees wins. He left Will’s name in a code so that Will would know that he broke it.

They are trying to find information about George, the new name of Nasir, one of the men in the photo. George’s life is perfect. He’s also perfect. This doesn’t sit well with Miles.

Ingram has Will meet Special Agent Ryan Farber, the guy who was tailing Will. Ingram says that Will’s clearance was approved.

Will has a guy named Daniel run the names that David encoded for him. Will notices that he’s being followed by someone else. He decides to carry David’s gun.

The new guy who was following Will tells the other guy that Will made him. The FBI is off Will. They are tailing Will. Will is still looking. The other man phones someone and tells them that Travers is still digging.

* * * * *

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