Big Brother UK Eviction S11E73 (Channel 4)

I read up on Digital Spy last night and it looks like JJ didn’t leave the BBUK house. What a wanker! He’s also the favourite to be evicted. His chances of winning are down to 50/1, which are the same as JJ². Andy 25/1, Steve 33/1, and Dave 30/1 are pegged as the next evictees. Josie is the current favourite to win with ½ odds. Corrin has 10/3 and Moley has 20/1. Sam is 5/1, which is amazing.

Anyway, Josie has got a ticket to the final, so she can’t be evicted tonight. There is a double-standard in the house, especially when it comes to JJ and Sam. They both can be extremely argumentative, doubly so for JJ, and do some mean pranks, for Sam, but when the tables are turned, they don’t take it too kindly. We saw an example of this with JJ when he was crying about Nate. He insulted Nate’s girlfriend, Fake Beyoncé, like the wanker that he is. He actually didn’t feel sorry for what he had done. In fact, he was laughing it off to the HM and saying that Fake Beyoncé was almost crying when he left.

He only regretted it when Corin told him that Nate was Fake Beyoncé’s boyfriend and that he’s extremely pissed off. That sent JJ down a poor-me spiral, crying, trying to walk out the house, making a big fuss about himself, getting a phone call from his mom and Nate.

As the series has progressed, we see how the masks have fallen and how the real character of the HM is revealed. It’s very interesting to see, because you would have never guessed this in the first few weeks.

As for Sam, he does his mean pranks to Corin. I think that Josie is totally right when she said that the only reason why Sam has been doing this is because the JJs, mainly JJ, think that Corin is fake. Both JJ and Sam mercilessly nag, taunt, and argue with Corin whenever they get the opportunity and can’t take it when Josie defends her friend. When Sam complained that Corin and Josie were double-teaming him, JJ immediately went out and started an argument with Josie. He wanted to start one with Corin, but Josie didn’t let him.

JJ has definitely got some major issues, which include misogyny, anger towards everyone when things don’t go his way, and other faults.

Corin tells Dave that this whole thing is a farce. Dave says that JJ is probably scared of Nate. JJ goes to the diary room. BB assures him that Nate won’t use any violence towards him. JJ doubts BB’s word and still wants to leave. He is told that he’ll get a phone call with Nate.

Josie tells him that this should be a lesson to him about how to talk to other people and women especially. JJ has trouble understanding. He’s actually not hearing her. He’s caught up in his own drama.

JJ² thinks that JJ is going to go. Sam doesn’t think so. JJ is talking to Nate. Nate tells him that he hurt people that were dear to him and that he won’t kick his ass. He just needs to apologize to Fake Beyoncé.

Steve is called to the diary room. He’s going to be reunited with Titan. He chooses to have Titan reveal the reasons why they nominated him.

Moley’s, Andy’s, Josie’s, Dave’s, reasons for nominating Steve are revealed.

I find it supremely annoying how Corin sings along to songs even when she doesn’t know the words. STFU, you skank!

Dave and Andy are in the diary room. Andy Stone is coming in the house. They have to choose between singing or dancing with Andy Stone. They choose to sing. They do a little routine for the HM.

Josie opens the briefcase. Dave fails his task. Corin failed her task. JJ failed his. JJ² failed his. Josie failed hers. Moley fails his. Steve failed his. Sam failed his. HM failed 11 of 15 predictions so they failed.

The HM get some champers and have a toast.

Eviction Night

Davina talks with the house. Andy is through to the final. She reveals that Steve is the 1st evictee. The crowd was chanting get JJ out. Steve is shocked. He though he was going through the final. His eviction interview was boring. FF.

There is a little promo about Ultimate BB. Obviously, Niki will be going in.

Davina talks with the BBUK house again. Moley is through to the final. She reveals that Corin is evicted. The eviction crowd is smelling blood. They want JJ out. Davina is drawing this out. Corin gets cheers, as did Steve before her. Hmm, the bookies were wrong on more than one account. The JJs are next. My guess is that JJ² is the next evictee.

Corin says that JJ was grating on her. He told her that she’ll come first in the fake category. She told him that he should look in the mirror.

He’s the most arrogant rudest man I’ve ever met.

Corin girlfriend was in the papers. She said that Corin and JJ ripped her heart out. Davina says that Rachel still wants to talk to her. She didn’t dump Corin.

Davina talks with the BBUK house again. JJ² is through to the final. She reveals that Sam is evicted. Sam puts on a fake moustache and is massively booed.

Davina says that he was the bookie’s favourite to win last week. He messed it up this week with Corin and JJ. He’s shown some of his digs at HM.

Dave is in the final. JJ is evicted! Before Davina has finished talking, JJ is getting ready to leave. He’s saying goodbye and getting ready to leave. He gets so many boos, it’s scary. It’s pretty unanimous, everyone hates him! Heck, I don’t like him!

JJ is shown footage of his arguing. Davina says that he needs some anger management classes. He also picked on the women. He was brutal with girls.

He’s shown footage of him with Josie. He says that he is in love with Josie. He is planning on moving to the UK. She’s the only person who doesn’t back down from him. He says that he’d do magazine deals, but give the money to Josie.

* * * * *

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