Big Brother UK S11E68 (Channel 4)

Dave nags Sam about taking a shower. Dave thinks that Sam is the most annoying person he has ever met, by far. JJ has met more annoying people. Last night JJ² lost a bet to JJ about how many HM would be evicted. He’s wearing leaf-covered knickers.

Sam is in the diary room talking about the HM. He thinks that JJ² is a game player and Dave is tactical. Dave influences the opinions of others. Sam comes back out and tells Dave that he isn’t trustworthy. He can trust the Mole, but not Dave.

JJ tells JJ² that the Baron really wants to win this. He needs this. JJ² says that Corin wants to win for selfish reason and the Nuts magazine deal.

Dave tells the HM that Sam doesn’t like him. It’s because Sam told him that he didn’t trust Dave. JJ² thinks that Sam might have been mucking about. JJ says that Sam doesn’t lie.

JJ comes to see Sam. Sam says that he can’t fully trust JJ² or Dave. Dave confronts Sam. Trust is earned not given. Dave doesn’t seem to grasp this. Sam says that if you don’t understand something, you don’t trust it. Dave is being condescending. Sam realizes it and just dismisses him.

A Mexican mariachi band arrives. They are here for the Mexican spicy food contest. HM must divide themselves into 3 teams. Each team must select one HM to eat spicy Mexican food. The winning team will get a special prize. If all of the selected HM finish off their plates, the HM will get a Mexican-themed party. Moley, JJ², and Dave will eat spicy food. Sam gives JJ² tips on how to eat fast. He needs to take sips of water with each mouthful.

Dave is very sure that he’ll win. Andy is trying some psychological warfare with Moley. It’s kind of funny.

JJ² wins easily. Fat Dave didn’t stand a chance. Immediately, JJ² goes to purge. Dave starts puking. What a sissy! He finished in 9 minutes. Dave finished in 47 minutes. Moley can’t finish. What a bigger sissy. Moley goes for a puke. He comes back to finish it off. It took him 86 minutes.

Josie tells JJ that she’ll move where he goes. JJ isn’t sure where he wants to live. He isn’t sure where he wants to live.

Dave, Steve, and Corin are talking about the final. Steve doesn’t think that JJ will make it to the final. Steve thinks that the winner is one of them. He’s delusional. Corin is a favourite to win.

Sam and the JJs win some cacti. Josie tells Corin that JJ told her that he’ll move to the UK to be with her. He loves her so much.

The HM get a Mexican party.

Moley has been called to the diary room. He brought his eviction outfit. Moley feels closest to Corin and Andy. Moley thought that he’d be flash-evicted.

Sam tells Moley that he had ADHD. Moley also says that was ADHD.

* * * * *

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