Big Brother UK S11E69 (Channel 4)

Last night, some of the HM discussed hiding Corin’s makeup. JJ² is on the prowl. JJ is in the diary room. He says that his relationship with Josie is perfect. I don’t know, they don’t have much sex, do they. Meanwhile, Josie is talking about her terrible morning breath. BB asks JJ if he’s in love with Josie. He thinks that he is in love.

Josie and JJ are acting like little children. It annoys some of the HM. Josie tells JJ that his attitude stinks. Josie thinks that everyone is here to have a good time. JJ tells her that she’s deluded.

Andy gets his favourite meal. He’ll get to eat it if he’s able to whip the tablecloth away. This is for all of the HM. On his way out, JJ collides with the glass door.

Sam hid Corin’s makeup, but she managed to find it after 5 hours. Tomorrow, he plans on hiding her wigs.

I’ve got a hairy belly, can you take it off?
Josie to Corin

JJ goes to McDonald’s 5-6 times a week. That’s seriously unhealthy. Sam tries to put some cling wrap around JJ and Josie’s mattress. It doesn’t work.

The HM play a game with Davina McCaw. They have to guess which words HM use to describe other HM.

There are a few digs at Moley and Corin. It’s not all fun and games. This game is upsetting some of the HM. Corin and Moley mope. JJ said that Corin was false. He thought that this was the word that was used. He made a point of it and Corin didn’t like it.

The HM play a game of gnads. Sam, JJ², Andy get it in the nuts and don’t flinch. Dave gets it and squeals like a lady.

For some reason, Dave and Sam want to get a reaction out of Corin.

At 2:22 AM, Sam puts on a ninja costume. It’s to grab Corin’s wigs. Dave and JJ² are cracking up. Sam is pretty funny.

Sam has been crouching under the hammock dressed up as a ninja for 24 minutes. Moley sees him and is cracking up. He takes something from Corin’s bed. It must be the wigs. He stashes them in the bread pantry.

* * * * *

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