Big Brother UK S11E70 (Channel 4)

Corin is talking about her wigs. Sam says that he’s tired in the diary room. He went to bed at 4AM. He got the wig. He outlines his strategy for the day. Today is bad hair. He’s trying to provoke a reaction out of Corin. Sam says that he took Corin’s eviction wig.

That wig is important. That’s a serious wig.

It turns out that Sam has got the wrong wig. He complains to Dave and JJ. Sam steals it while she’s in the shower. He stashes it in the same place.

The JJs are talking about Corin. JJ would prefer if she were evicted and not in the final. Corin and Moley are talking about kings, popes, etc. Corin is pretty ignorant.

Everyone knows everything about everything.
Corin about the HM

Dave tells Andy that he reminds him of his wife, concerning annoying qualities.

Corin notices that some of her wigs are gone. Josie says that Sam is responsible because he was dressed up as a ninja last night. Corin asks Andy to go out and tell Sam that she’s crying her eyes out. She will pretend that she is crying on Josie’s shoulders. Andy didn’t really tell them what she wanted. Corin has started looking for her wigs. Sam is in the diary room saying that he will not give the wigs back.

I understand why Corin wants her wigs: she’s got a receding hairline. She finds her wigs pretty quickly. The JJs tell Sam that he’s shit at hiding stuff. He went through all this effort and hid them almost in plain sight. Sam says that he’ll just have to take them again.

Dave tells the HM that one of his mates was a Satanist and shifted into a werewolf. This shit isn’t Christian? In the Christian doctrine, werewolves are explained by demonic possession. Dave continues to say that some Satanists he knows become invisible all of the time.

Dave and JJ get into it. I think that there is a difference between believing in evil/Evil and believing in werewolves.

JJ and Sam are looking for Corin’s eviction wig. Corin walks in on them. JJ smartly distances himself from Sam. Sam tries again later. He hides some wigs or Corin makeup bag in the nest behind the cushions. HM have been called to the lounge for today’s task. Corin is looking for her makeup bag. Sam denies everything. Josie tells Corin that the makeup bag is probably in the garden or the nest. JJ decides to get involved. What an ass! Josie goes looking for it. Corin says that she won’t participate until she gets her makeup bag back. Corin is called to the diary room.

Josie tells Sam that he is taken it too far. Corin finds it thanks to Josie.

Today’s task involves rating the HM according to some characteristics. Josie has 4 correct. Steve has 3 correct. Dave gets 5. JJ gets all correct. Corin gets all correct. Andy gets 5. JJ² gets 1.

Josie doesn’t know the difference between forgetful and forgettable. I bet that Moley is going to whinge about this. He does to Corin in the toilet.

Corin told the HM earlier that she would be pissed off if Sam got further than her. Later, JJ tells the HM that he wouldn’t care if Sam made it further than him. They are kind of slagging off Corin.

Moley is moping in the nest. Andy isn’t happy either. JJ² is talking about this in the diary room. He says he didn’t take it to heart. Corin comes to the nest and has a laugh with the boys.

* * * * *

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