Big Brother UK S11E71 (Channel 4)

BB has gathered the HM for this week’s shopping task. They are shown a video of Bob Righter talking with the chest. A message is popped out of Bob Righter. It’s a limerick. The HM should be different, strange, obscene, etc. Bob Righter has made 15 predictions. To pass the task, they must be unpredictable. If 8 or more of Bob Righter’s predictions happen, they will fail the task. Immediately, JJ pounces on Corin to not put on her makeup, which she will, regardless. Her nostrils start flaring. Sam is double-teaming her. Josie is defending Corin. They start arguing. They all fall into their patterns and start accumulating fails.

Josie, Corin, and Moley are talking about JJ and Sam. Josie thinks that they should be ashamed of themselves. The HM are discussing the task. Corin is right angry. The boys are ganging up on her, but Josie is getting really angry as well with JJ and Pepperpot. HM are also going to be set individual tasks that have nothing to do with the outcome of the task. Sam becomes Josie’s personal butler.

JJ tells Josie under the covers that she pretends that she’s a randy mare, but she isn’t. She isn’t really that sexual, or something like that. She wouldn’t want to screw him in the real world.

Bob Righter calls Josie to the diary room for another meaningless task. She has to propose to George Lamb, who is waiting in the small task room, or turn JJ into a crab who can only be referred to as Crabeyes. Josie is having a blast. She tries to tell JJ, but she’s laughing out loud. Josie can’t lie at all and JJ gets it out of her. JJ is called to the diary room. The HM are already referring to him as Crabby. He tells BB to go f*ck himself. He’s allowed to leave the diary room.

JJ start to argue with some of the HM. Corin starts talking to him. JJ is an ass. Sam is calling out JJ for coming on BB. The idea of the BB is to do the tasks. JJ² and Dave get into it as well. They think that JJ is being a dick and childish. They continue arguing much later.

Moley and Corin are talking in the bathroom. Moley gives Corin some tobacco. It makes her cry. Moley is being a good friend. She says that only Josie stood up for her. Everyone else was out of it. She’s ready to go home.

Moley tells Sam that he doesn’t like to be around JJ when he’s being argumentative. He just leaves.

JJ² is called to the diary room. He chooses to be a heavyweight. He’s got to put on a fat suit. That was predictable. JJ² puts it on.

JJ refuses to bring JJ² some food. Sam calls JJ out for being a dick. Dave tells him that JJ is horrible.

The JJs are in the garden with Sam. JJ says that he should have put the crab costume on. Sam tells him that he should ask BB for it. JJ actually does so. BB allows him to do so. I’m impressed. I didn’t think that he’d do it.

It rains heavily. The HM are talking a lot about the dark clouds. It starts to rain in the BBUK house. BB evacuates the HM to the small task room. The BBUK house starts to get flooded. BB has decided to evacuate the HM to safety. There are flash floods. They leave the house and are brought to a holding room. They are given towels and clothes.

BB has created a makeshift bedroom in the large task room so that the HM can stay in the BBUK house for the night.

* * * * *

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