Big Brother UK S11E72 (Channel 4)

Yesterday, the house was flooded. Tonight, the HM will get flooded with ex-HM. It’s going to be interesting.

Someone filled up Pepper’s shoes with foam. He puts the shoe on Josie’s foot. She denies that it was her. It was obviously her. Josie tells him that if he can dish it out he needs to be able to take it. They probably don’t know the word, but it’s a double-standard.

The JJs are talking with Dave about Corin. Corin tells Sam that he’s taking it too far. Josie defends Corin. JJ walks out and tells Josie that she shouldn’t gang up on Sam. Josie puts him in his place. Josie is getting pissed off. She tells JJ not to talk to her for the rest of the program. She gives him a FU and calls him a stupid prick. She says that she wouldn’t want to be with someone who treats a woman like that. Josie is really pissed off.

Later, Sam tries to play nice with Josie. Josie tells him to get lost. She tells JJ to get lost as well. When he doesn’t, she moves mattresses. She says that the only reason that JJ stuck up for him is because the viewers like him. Josie tells JJ that she’s questioning what they’ve got.

With these latest developments, I’m pretty sure that JJ will be evicted on Friday.

An hour later, JJ and Josie aren’t speaking. JJ is ignoring Josie. JJ thinks that he diffused the situation. Josie thinks that he’s an idiot. Sam got exacting what he wanted. Josie kind of forgives him. It makes no sense why JJ would take this up with Josie.

Moley gets a message from Bob Righter. The nest is the diary room for now. Moley has got to put on the mole suit. Moley chooses to be handcuffed to Ben. Moley goes over to the mole hole and goes to see Ben.

The next HM to go is JJ. He has to choose between Fake Beyoncé or a loudmouth Scouse. He chooses Fake Beyoncé. Fake Beyoncé will give him a massage. JJ is being unpleasant to Fake Beyoncé. He told her that the only thing that she would pass for money is having sex for money.

JJ is pretty happy about himself about being a total dick.

Corin is called to the diary room. She decides to go on a date in a bin bag with Nate. Nate is dating Fake Beyoncé. Nate is well pissed off JJ because of the way he treated Fake Beyoncé.

Corin says that they would have to have security at the wrap party. Corin says that Nate is well pissed off at Nate. Corin says that he’s very disrespectful towards women.

Saying that to someone’s girlfriend, you can’t get more degrading and disrespectful than that.

JJ is well worried right now. He thinks that Nate would have been raging and beat the shit out of JJ.

Corin tells Steve that JJ is going to the diary room, probably to apologize. JJ comes to the diary room and says that he wants to leave.

JJ is out of the diary room. He says that he wants to leave. Josie tries to talk with him. JJ is back in the diary room. He’s having a little cry. He’s a pussy. He dishes it out but can’t take it. Corin is right. He can’t make comments to people who can dish it right back out at him. He constantly attacks people and expects to vanquish them at every point. When he meets someone who doesn’t back down, he starts pissing his pants.

Corin is in the diary room. She says that JJ was so proud of himself when he almost made Fake Beyoncé cry. He degraded her and had a laugh about it. He picked on another girl.

It’s a done deal. JJ is leaving on Friday. He’s dug himself a grave with his attitude over the last few episodes. I can’t say that I’m surprised or annoyed if he leaves. That ship has sailed.

* * * * *

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