True Blood Trouble S03E05 (HBO)

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This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. Personally, I’ve never read the books, so I don’t know how accurate the adaptation is. However, it is quite interesting. It’s a good twist on the mythos.

There are loads of vampire shows out there. Most recently, Moonlight was canceled from CBS. Some of them are successful, others aren’t. The pilot was interesting. I’ve never seen a show explore the relationship between vampires and humans.

The series is adapted by Alan Ball. He also produced it. Alan Ball is the man behind Six Feet Under. The setting is interesting as well. Thanks to HBO, the show does have some mature content. It makes the whole thing more interesting.

I don’t really know what to say of Anna Paquin’s acting. It seems to me that she played a southern belle already in X-Men as Rogue. She does do the same thing in this show. It’s hard to see the difference. As with her role as Rogue, Sookie has never been in love or had men in her life. It’s funny how you can draw parallels between Paquin’s different characters.

New Orleans and Louisiana are a hotbed for vampire fiction. Lestat of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice makes the city his home.

I was completely blown away by the second episode of the first season. It ends in such a cliffhanger. The third episode partly resolves this, but it was still really good. The sex scenes between Jason and his lovers are also quite interesting. The show is infused with an animalistic fervor which is appealing. I recommend this show. Along with Fringe, this is one of my favorite new shows on TV this season. The show has gotten a lot of great reviews and only ten days after it premiered, HBO ordered another season. It’s one of the few shows who’s audience share actually climbed for the second episode. The fifth episode also ends with a bang, something that I didn’t think would happen.

The third season just premiered on the weekend. It takes off right when the last episode stopped. Things are going to get interesting.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I like to watch True Blood episodes in batches. I finally caught up on True Blood last week and I have to say that it’s a really interesting season. The most uninteresting part is the plot that involves Sam Merlotte. I don’t really care much about this. The Sookie storyline is really good. I’m enjoying seeing flashbacks of Eric’s life as well as how werewolves were integrated into it. Top notch.

The main reason why I watch these episodes in batches is because a lot of them end in cliffhangers, which is interesting but you just can’t wait to see the next show.

* * * * *

Sam gave his family a place to live. Bill felt that Sookie was in trouble but he drank a stripper’s blood with Lorena and King Russell.

Franklin brought Tara to the King’s house. Russell, Lorena, and Bill arrive. Tara asks for help, but Bill refuses. The King gets Bill’s file on Sookie. The King wants to see Sookie. She’s already escaped him once.

Alcide and Sookie get away. Debbie comes to warn Alcide away. Neither Sookie nor Alcide realize who Russell is. Alcide wants to tell his packmaster everything. They do so, but the Kernel already knows about it. The Kernel says that he’s had a pack of weres serving all over the world. Edgington is the Vampire King of Mississippi. Flood is actually scared.

Eric has come to see the King. He wants to hunt Bill Compton on the King’s territory. Eric asks the King’s advice since everyone knows that he was selling V at his Queen’s behest. If he doesn’t give Bill to the Magister, the Magister will murder his progeny.

Tara tries to escape, but she doesn’t really know where she is. It’s day, so most of the vamps are sleeping. However, some wolves are watching his grounds. It’s Coot. He gets her back. Franklin has a nervous breakdown about it. He’s a nutter. He tells Tara that he wants to turn her. Tara is freaking out.

Jason shows up at the Sheriff’s to work. Andy puts him on the phones. He sees the girl he saw crying in the woods. Her name is Crystal and she works with the dudes selling dope and V. Jason is told by Andy that he’ll be a deputy if he passes the physical and the written test. Crystal was outside Merlotte’s. Jason thought she had stood him up. They go for a walk.

While Sam’s family moves into a place, Terri moves in with Arlene. Sam gets a weird vibe from Joly. He takes his brother to the bar. Jesus comes to see Lafayette. He wanted to take Lafayette out.

The King is talking with Bill. He shows him the file that Franklin found at his place. He thinks that Bill is tracking the telepathy that runs in the Stackhouse family. Coot comes to see the King. Bill recognizes him. Coot comes to have a word with him after he’s finished his business. He taunts Bill about Sookie and Bill lashes out. He beats him up and makes his escape.

Joly comes by to get his boy from Sam. He’s a complete nutter.

Eric discovers his father’s Viking crown in the King’s eclectic collection. His blood boils. A vampire in charge of some werewolves came and killed his family and took his father’s crown.

Bill has found Sookie. He tells her that she has to go now. It’s too late. The King arrives with Coot and another vamp. They restrain Bill. Sookie takes out one of them with some kind of psychic blast.

* * * * *

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