Big Brother UK S11E74 (Channel 4)

Late last night, Dave and Sam covered the living room, the kitchen, and bathroom in grease paper, corn flakes, spaghetti and rice. Sam tries to blame other HM but he will be punished.

Sam and Dave are cleaning up.

JJ says that if his willy is photoshopped, he’ll pose naked for gay mags. The HM talk about magazine deals. JJ² walks away from the conversation. Josie is in the bathroom. So JJ² is thinking like JJ, and JJ is thinking like Fake Beyoncé now.

Sam is filling up some gloves with water. The HM throw it around in the garden. It splashes on Sam. The 2nd glove also splashes on Sam.

Corin and Moley are apart. Steve is in the diary room.

Josie realizes that she has a moustache. JJ says that he saw this on day 3. The HM tease her a bit about this. Josie and JJ are under the covers. Josie thinks that JJ is going tonight because he’s a little shit. JJ agrees.

JJ is in the shower and looking a bit worried. Josie is in the bathroom sucking her thumb. JJ² is there as well.

Dave tells Josie that the best situation for him would have been to walk. JJ is 100% to blame for what he’s done. No one else.

JJ says that he hasn’t learned that much about himself. I’m not surprised, Crab Eyes. He says that he’ll be remembered as an argumentative, opinionated prick. I agree with that assessment.

JJ tells Josie that he’s not sure he’s staying in the UK. It depends where his mom is and she’s staying in the UK. He’s says that he’ll be back for the final.

It’s eviction night and Andy is told he’s through to the final. Steve is evicted. The crowd is chanting “get John out!”. Moley is in the final and Corin is evicted. Josie got so nervous that she pissed herself. Why does she need to tell the world? Because she’s crass and has got no class.

JJ² is safe and Sam is evicted. JJ is evicted. He leaves to a chorus of boos. Everyone hates him. Josie is crying.

* * * * *

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