Rubicon The Outsider S01E04 (AMC)

Rubicon intertitle via Wikipedia

There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t disappointing and I can’t wait to see more of this show. It’s surprising how good I found this. It’s actually hard to describe, but basically, a think tank considers national security investigations and are asked to find out more about them. It’s also got to do with espionage, money trails, and other conspiracies.

* * * * *

Will is taking the train with Spangler. They are leaving for DC. Spangler is schooling Will in briefcases. Will receives some files from the CIA. The names on the list were all CIA. Number 7 wasn’t anywhere. They all worked on Middle Eastern desks.

Was Spangler hooking up with some old dude? Will and Spangler are lobbying for position in DC. API is an independent think tank of some sort, that gets access to information from all sources, CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, NRO, etc.

Spangler is trying to keep API out of Congressional Oversight. This is a given in the Intelligence community. Spangler makes a great speech about a tie and a wife.

Ingram briefs Will’s team. They have to do an assessment on Kateb. They might have an opportunity to take him out. They need to ensure that this is the right thing to do. Ingram doesn’t like Grant, that much is obvious. They rely on Will too much to do their work. They should be doing more work.

Kateb is involved in some terrorist operations. He was linked to a few different bombings. He’s a leader of Alquaeda. During the intelligence assessment, Tanya keeps excusing herself to swallow some pills in the bathroom. They have to do this without Will. The date’s been moved up. Ingram isn’t impressed with them. They end up saying yes.

Will arrives back. He says that the Predator Drone sent off two missiles on Kateb, but they won’t know if they hit the target until Kateb surfaces or not.

Katherine receives Tom’s effects from Nassau. She hears a message from James to Tom on his phone. It says that if he keeps this up, he knows what will happen. Katherine finds out that James Wheeler eat Chinese food at the townhouse. James was lying through his teeth.

* * * * *

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