My Daily Tweets 08-23-2010

  • 00:20:59: RT @heyitsnoah: You’d think that with almost 200 domains that I’d be able to consistently navigate my way around GoDaddy … But then yo …
  • 03:03:11: From Twitter 08-22-2010:
  • 20:16:31: Spike is sore after the forced walks that I have put him through. Also, he collided with the bike while running away from another dog.
  • 20:17:27: The collision was more of a graze, so he’s fine. He’s still sore, so no forced running tonight. I feel bad though.
  • 20:18:48: Started my new job today. It’s going to be fun. I like the other new teacher and my teaching director is this Kiwi bloke that I like as well
  • 20:38:02: RT @kleinjinx: first day at work after 2 weeks vacation.. please kill me NOW
  • 20:38:33: RT @typefiend: Finding it ironic we’ll be flying on Alaska to get to Hawaii/Kaua’i.
  • 20:51:59: Total chaos at school today, but had fun. Had a bit too much Java, but I needed it.
  • 21:44:14: @DreTW wow. Those remind me of those Japanese light trucks. I thought that traffic was heavy tonight as I made my way home.
  • 21:52:10: @wobblesmccoy First week of school in most places. Well, it’s the pre-week of school.
  • 22:33:54: Finally wrote an Inbox Zero post for Unplggd. Will go live later today at 20:00 EST.
  • 22:59:08: 22:58 and I’m done for the day!
  • 23:07:36: 23:06, email addressed, inbox empty, time to walk Spike and take it easy.
  • 23:09:57: Hmm that was a 15.5 hour work day, with a 1-hour lunch break (power nap) and 45 minutes for dinner. No rest for the wicked.
  • 23:40:26: My boss saw me re-reading Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. He’s heard of him and enjoys sci-fi. I’m amazed!
  • 23:41:15: This is my 4th read of Redemption Ark. I would have started with Revelation Space followed by Chasm City, but those books are in Canada
  • 23:42:42: Best standalone Alastair Reynolds books are Pushing Ice and House of Suns. I just finished a 5 or 6th read of those books and could go again
  • 23:43:15: I need to pickup Peter Hamilton’s latest in the Void trilogy.
  • 23:43:39: Latest Alastair Reynolds as well.

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