Big Brother UK S11E75 (Channel 4)

Apparently Andy fancies Moley. That’s slightly disgusting. Then again, Andy fancied Josie. Dave is taking some digs at JJ and the boos that he got. He’s being sarcastic, but it’s just bad taste.

Andy is told by the chest that from this point onward has to be yes to all questions. Moley is informed by the chest that Andy’s got a mission. He is sent to tease some shit out of him.

Moley decides to go nude. He promised to do this 1 hour a day. Josie tells him that his mole dick has shrivelled up. Moley makes his junk jingle around in the kitchen for Andy. It’s disturbing.

Moley sits on Andy in the nude. It’s disgusting.

Moley enjoys bossing Andy around in the kitchen. Moley makes Andy do the washing up in boxers.

Dave and JJ² say that Moley is making Andy do weird stuff. Moley is doing weird stuff, always has been. The chest tells Josie that Andy must only answer yes. Moley is in on it too.

-Do you like a finger up the bum?
Josie and Andy

JJ² asks Andy if he will pursue something with Moley on the outside. He says yes. Andy says that he fancies Moley a little bit.

Josie makes Andy drop his pants and go into the diary room with her to tell BB that he’s taking care of Josie for JJ.

The chest tells JJ² about Andy and saying yes. Moley and Josie are involved. JJ² immediately asks Josie if she’s been talking to the chest. Obviously, this idiot has no idea what the task is all about.

JJ² is waxing Josie’s hairy legs. Josie asks Andy if he wants to have his legs waxed. Dave is told about the task by the chest.

Moley is told to gather all of the HM in the bathroom. They are told that they passed the task. They get some alcohol.

There are some extreme close-ups of Josie pigging out on some biscuits. Yuck!

The HM hear JJ and Sam over the wall. The HM have to go inside the house. Fat Josie keeps shouting at JJ. Josie says that JJ didn’t say I love you back. The whale will fail!

* * * * *

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