Big Brother UK S11E76 (Channel 4)

HM are getting a perfect day because they won the task. It starts by breakfast in bed served by Anthea Turner, some UK TV personality.

The HM will be getting spray-tans, pedicures, manicures, etc. Moley and Andy get some spa treatments from two beauticians. Josie is worried about showing her fangina on telly.

Andy is getting his legs waxed. Then he gets a spray tan. JJ², Dave, and Josie get their turn. For some reason, Dave wants to pull some of JJ²’s hairs off. Right after, JJ² shaves his legs.

Andy liked getting pampered. The HM tease JJ² about getting a semi boner while getting waxed. Josie walks around with a fake boner. It’s pretty funny.

For the next surprise, celebrity hair stylist Lee Stafford and a colorist will style the HMs hair. Andy and Josie go first.

I was actually starting to look like a mole.

Dave teases Andy about the watermelon incident. JJ² tells Andy that Dave is bullshitting him.

Celebrity chef Nancy Lam is preparing the HM a fancy dinner.

Singer Simon Webb enters the BBUK house.

Moley tells Andy that the glow came back to Josie. She was like this in the beginning. Ever since she has been with JJ, it had been dampened.

Josie tells Dave that Andy and Moley are flirting. Dave tells the HM that Andy tried to smooth him over when he was pissed.

* * * * *

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