Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E01 (Channel 4)

Chantelle is the 1st UBB HM. Josie got 77% of the vote. Wow. That’s amazing. Preston is the next HM. He used to be married to Chantelle. They got divorced after 9 months. They had met on BB.

Nadia is next. She’s a tranny. Both Chantelle and Nadia won BB. Brian won BB in 2001. Ulrika is next. She won Celebrity BB 6. Makosi goes in. John McCririck is next. Coolie goes in. Nikki goes in. Nick Bateman is next.

Lineup is a bit disappointing. I would have liked to see Peter Burns, Pete, and Brian Bello. Aishaleyne and the Dim Twins.

* * * * *

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