Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E02 (Channel 4)

Chantelle didn’t expect Preston to come into the UBBUK house. Preston has got a girlfriend. Tomorrow would have been Chantelle’s and Preston’s 4th wedding anniversary. They never got to celebrate their 1st one.

Nikki and Chantelle make up. They fell out a few years ago. I’m kind of sick of hearing Josie say the word really. She repeats it a lot. The last book she read was probably in preschool. John and Nadia tell Josie that JJ isn’t ready for her. He’s not a normal guy. Nadia thinks that she is talking too much.

Josie thinks that Coolio is a proper wanker. Ulrika agrees. Ulrika thinks that he’s got short man syndrome. Ulrika says that Josie is famous. Everyone in the UK knows her.

John tells Josie that she is a genuinely nice person. She’s got a vulnerability about her. It was heart-warming to see her in love.

Chantelle says that she hasn’t gone out with anyone since Preston. She hasn’t seen him in a year.

The HM run into the bedroom to get the beds. Preston and Chantelle are in single beds right next to each other. Brian and Nikki are bunking. Josie and Ulrika share a bed.

Josie is in the diary room. I haven’t seen Josie suck her thumb yet.

Nikki talks with John about greyhound racing, horse racing, and fox hunting. Greyhound racing is cruel, but not because of the track, but because of what the owners and kennels do to the dogs once they are no longer fit to race.

John goes to the bathroom. The chest talks with him. Nikki asks Nadia to let John sleep with her. She’s afraid of him, but not seriously. The chest offers him a newspaper every day. He has to be Mr. Nice Guy. If he doesn’t do what the chest asks, BB will make him immune from the 1st eviction.

Chantelle and Coolio are talking in the nest. Chantelle is nice. She’s quite vulnerable. It’s obvious that she still likes Preston in some shape or form.

John talks with Chantelle. He says that they might rekindle their love in the UBBUK house. John tells Coolio that he’s a big softie. It’s kind of funny.

* * * * *

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