Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E03 (Channel 4)

Coolio wants to shag Makosi. She isn’t game yet. Nasty Nick is in the diary room.

Chantelle and Preston are talking. Today would have been their 4th wedding anniversary.

Chantelle and Makosi are talking about Coolio. Makosi doesn’t like Nikki, that much is obvious.

Preston tells Brian that his current partner doesn’t live in the UK.

Makosi and Nadia start arguing. John gets involved because they started talking about religion. Most HM leave them along.

Later, Makosi cries. She says that she’s so bored. WTF. She’s crying because of John because he made her question her faith.

For this week’s shopping task, Nikki must identify the ex-HM. She IDs by touch alone Grace, Katreya, and another HM. She wins 150£ towards the shopping. In the 2nd round, Nikki must ID a HM from a lineup which includes impostors. Nikki won 650£ towards the shopping. The HM are very happy.

Coolio is cooking.

The HM talk about fidelity. John says that as long as your partner doesn’t know about a screw, it’s fine. Chantelle doesn’t agree at all. Then, the HM start talking about JJ. Most of the HM tell Josie that she should find someone else. They tell her that there are many people out there who will love her.

John makes Chantelle cry because he keeps talking about the wedding anniversary. Nadia tells John to be quiet. He made Chantelle cry. Preston jumps after her. She’s proper crying now. John goes after her and apologizes. That was nice of him.

The chest talks with John. The chest tells him to ramp it up, but John won’t do so. He’s stuck to his part of the bargain. The chest should stuck to his.

For some reason, Josie, Ulrika, and Nasty Nick are talking about what happened earlier with Nadia. They find that Josie was very tolerant. Josie is sucking her thumb all over the place. Josie is reading the rules of BB.

The HM decide to stop talking about JJ. Preston and Chantelle tell the HM, because Josie got really upset.

It will take a while for Josie to realize that her life has completely changed. She won’t go back to her small life in the country.

Chantelle comes to the diary room. She’s sad. She saw a tattoo on Preston’s ankle. It’s the name of his new girlfriend. She says that it’s a shame that things didn’t work out because circumstances split them apart. She never fell out of love with him. She doesn’t think that Preston doesn’t love her anymore. He’s moved on a long time ago. That’s very sad. She starts to cry again.

It’s Josie’s turn to come to the diary room for a cry. She says that she can’t handle it in here anymore. She says that the new HM are celebrities, she’s not a celebrity. She’s just normal. They all know about her and JJ. She wants to go. She leaves the diary room.

Earlier today, Josie left the BBUK house.

* * * * *

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