Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E04 (Channel 4)

Josie walked out. Tonight marks the return of the Bedsit. Two classic HM will be living inside it. Coolio and John were nominated. CHantelle and Preston are talking about the time when they split up. He was in NYC. She was supposed to join him for her birthday, but she didn’t get on the plane. That weekend, he met his current girlfriend.

Coolio and Chantelle are talking about Preston. She says that too much has gone on between them for her to get back together with him. Josie and Preston are talking. Preston says that he still loves Chantelle.

John tells the HM that he won’t be speaking with the HM because he’s in a dispute with BB. It’s got nothing to do with them.

Josie has got problems with some of the new HM.

Chantelle went into BB Germany right after her win and left a few days, kind of like what Josie will do. Josie is in the diary room. She wants to speak to someone she knows.


Brian                      Coolio                   John
Chantelle             Ulrika                    John
Coolio                   Nadia                    John
John                      Coolio                   Josie Brian
Makosi                 Nadia                    John
Nadia                    Coolio                   John
Nasty Nick          Makosi                 John
Nikki                      Coolio                   John
Preston                 Makosi                 John                      “Paul McKenna is the 2nd coming of Christ.”
Ulrika                    Nick                       John

While Chantelle was nominating, Josie ran out of the BBUK house. JJ was outside. He just recorded a message for Josie. Fat Josie is happy now. JJ says that he loves her so much. She doesn’t want to go back in there.

BB gathers the HM. Josie has left the BBUK house for real. They will pack their belongings. Ulrika says that they haven’t got a show without her. Josie ran out of the show. Ulrika is crying.

The chest talks with Nasty Nick. He wants Nast Nick to hide some papers with the names of the HM facing eviction. He needs to plant them.

Darren is called to the diary room. He was one of Nasty Nick’s HM. He needs to find the papers. It doesn’t take him long to find the scraps of paper. Coolio and John have been nominated.

John comes to the diary room. He’s delighted.

Eviction Night

Davina talks with Josie. She says that she had cabin fever. This had all to do with Nadia and John talking about JJ to Josie. Josie says that she will smooth JJ right over for his birthday. Last night, she had to see her girls. She didn’t spend any time with JJ.

John is evicted.

Victor goes into the bedsit. Michelle Bass goes in as well. She had so much fun in the original bedsit. She got it on with Stu.

They are told that Mr. Snuggles will enter the BBUK house. They must choose a HM on whom to play a prank. Victor wants to choose Nikki while Michelle wants Coolio. Michelle lets him take this one. She’ll take the next one.

Mr. Snuggles enters the house. He looks creepy. All of the girls start screaming. The HM think that Mr. Snuggles is Rex.

* * * * *

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