White Collar Unfinished Business S02E05 (USA)

White Collar promotional poster

White Collar promotional poster

The pilot episode of White Collar was most definitely slick and smart, as well as charming, as Matt Bormer will charm the pants off anyone he meets as his suave alter ego Neal Caffrey.

This show most definitely fits in the USA Network’s slew of shows, which include Burn Notice and Royal Pains. It has good pacing and interesting chemistry between Matt Bormer and Tim DeKay, something that isn’t easy to fake. They work well on the screen, there is no denying this.

Basically, Dekay’s Burke is a white collar specialist who put Bormer’s Caffrey away a few years ago. In order to reduce his sentence a bit further, after having escaped a super max jail, Caffrey offers to help Burke to catch the illusive Dutchman, a criminal that Burke has also been chasing for a few years. This setup kind of reminds me of Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can as well as The Sting with Redford and Newman.

What’s also interesting, is that the guys don’t just keep this professional. They also involve their personal lives. Burke needs help to make his hot wife Elizabeth, played by Tiffani Thiessen, happy while Caffrey is searching for his wife that just vanished. All in all, a great show with good actors. I recommend it.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

This is all about some girl that Moz is interested in.

* * * * *

Someone stole $100 million in Japanese Bearer Bonds. Neal knows the insurance investigator. She testified at one of his trials against him. He didn’t get convicted on that one.

Neal and Mozz go to check out the plane on which Kate was on when it exploded. They manage to get their way into the hangar.

Neal is worried about Sarah. She wants the Rafael that he stole a few years ago. Halbrige is sending a courier to pick up the bonds. Neal is going to play Mr. Black. The Canadians are detaining Black.

Once Neal steps into the limo, he’s handed a briefcase containing a gun with a silencer. The driver has started jamming. He’s supposed to kill someone. It’s Sarah. Sarah is surprised but plays along. Neal goes back to the limo and says that Sarah was killed.

Sarah is all wired up. She plans on staying at the Bureau to go through her Halbridge files. They need to know why he wants her dead. He commissioned the hit when she was digging into Ridgemont Appts.

Neal goes to see Halbridge as Mr. Black. Neal is trying to blackmail him. Halbridge hires a crew to dig up Ridgemont. A dead body is found. It’s Halbridge. The Halbridge they know is Steve Price, who stole his ID.

Peter goes to see Halbridge. He brings up Sarah Ellis and her new accomplice, Steve Price played by Neal.

They get Steve Price when he is trying to get the bearer bonds. They arrest him for murder.

Meanwhile, Neal is busy trying to recover the FAA black box recording from Kate’s flight. Black was released 12 hours ago. Nico says that Black came back to finish the job. Neal has borrowed a car to help Sarah.

Black comes to kill Sarah, but Neal is there to help her out long enough before the FBI arrives. Neal doesn’t get the envelope.

* * * * *

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