Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E05 (Channel 4)

Makosi is taking a shower outside. This has to do with her modeling contract, or some shit like that. She’s voluptuous. The HM watch her. Coolio is enjoying it. Since yesterday, John has refused to speak to HM. He’s watching Makosi. I can’t tell if she’s got fake tits. She’s not bothered by John, Coolio, or Nadia perving.

Makosi is talking about herself in the 3rd person. That’s messed up. She says that she’s very different from the person she was in the past.

Chantelle says that she loves builders. Makosi is called to the diary room for not wearing her mic. She’s pissed that Nikki gets so much attention. Makosi is an attention whore. In protestation, she isn’t wearing her mic. Makosi starts to cry. WTF. Makosi complains about her VT, her bed, her clothes, etc. Who gives a shit? I don’t.

For today’s task, Nikki has to interview HM. Nikki is typing her article. Brian loves Nikki. Chantelle doesn’t want Coolio to go. She really likes him.

Nadia calls out Makosi for talking about herself in the 3rd person. Nikki starts getting frustrated with the typewriter. She starts to cry. Nadia laughs while Brian and Nasty Nick try to make Nikki feel better. It’s kind of funny actually. She’s still going on with it.

Chantelle tells Preston that she had lip injections. Preston put on weight and his tooth fell out. This happened when they were getting a divorce. Preston says that he still wears his wedding ring at home. Chantelle tells Brian that Preston doesn’t love her that way anymore and that makes her sad. She hasn’t gotten over him. She says that for him it’s definitely over. If he would kiss her, she would kiss him back.

It’s eviction night. Coolio makes Nikki upset. Nikki is fragile, the HM need to be careful with her. Ulrika follows her. Nikki is crying in the bathroom. Ulrika tells Nikki that Coolio feels threatened by her. Coolio tells the HM that he talks shit all of the time. Chantelle, Brian, and Ulrika try to make her feel better. They are able to make her laugh.

Coolio starts imitating Nadia, who doesn’t take kindly to it. They start a row. He’s playing ditto monkey. John is evicted. Coolio has got the audacity to call John rude. He’s the rudest person inside the BBUK. Coolio starts shouting to Nadia. Nadia isn’t taking it. Nikki says that Coolio is vile. He’s the most terrible person she’s ever met.

Victor and Michelle have entered the bedsit. They can watch all of the HM. They have to choose someone for a prank. They decide on Nikki. The evil clown Mr. Snuggles comes into the house.

The girls are screaming. It’s funny. He spends a few minutes in the house and leaves.

Ulrika and Brian are in the diary room. Nikki is over it, but Ulrika is still crying. Brian is making Ulrika feel better.

Victor and Michelle are in the bedsit diary room. Michelle feels bad about Nikki. Victor enjoyed it. The drama was funny. Michelle wants to prank Coolio because he’s a nasty piece of work.

Following another argument with Nadia, Coolio has left the BBUK house. What a wanker and a pussy! Coolio was trying to assert his dominance over the other HM, kind of like a dog or a wolf. It didn’t work well when one of the HM, Nadia, didn’t bend down and take his banter. He has trouble when people stand up to him because in essence, Coolio is a bully.

* * * * *

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