Big Brother UK S11E52 (Channel 4)

Davina talks with Laura. What a waste of space. I couldn’t really care if had stayed.

So far, the HM have incurred 34 fails. Josie and JJ are playfighting in the bed. It’s ridiculous. Another fit dude comes into the house. He is only wearing a towel. Steve tells the JJs that they need to get into the shower now. The model is naked in the shower. Moley can’t handle it. The HM are watching the model drying himself. Josie is sucking her thumb.

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In-Ear Headphones That Will Stay In While You’re Out

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you are going around on your business and your earphones just pop out. All ears are different, but there are a few earphones that work really well, no matter what your ears look like.

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New Small Kitchen Appliances That Set Themselves Apart

No matter how small your kitchen is, it’s easy to enhance the overall look with a few touches of luxury. Instead of going for bigger and expensive appliances, adding one or two really good-looking small kitchen appliances will definitely improve the overall feel of your kitchen.

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