Covert Affairs Communication Breakdown S01E07 (USA)

Covert Affairs title card

Following the success of Burn Notice, USA is trying another espionage-based series. While I didn’t expect much, I was pleasantly surprised by this show. Granted, Piper Perabo helps, and while she doesn’t look like a 20-year old anymore, she looks young enough to fit the bill for the title character. I find it surprising that a young CIA trainee would be put directly into the field. Also, it’s my understanding that on domestic issues, the FBI runs the show, not the CIA. The CIA has the operational directive of anything out of the US. I am unsure that it’s legal for the CIA to run a domestic operation, but I could be wrong.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

At Langley, there is a problem with their satellite coverage. All of their networks are down. It’s not just Langley, it’s everywhere. TV is out. Phones are out. Sounds like a cyberattack.

Auggie is sleeping with the journalist. He realizes that someone is trying to make a name for themselves, probably a new hacker. Auggie is going in.

They think that Natasha Petrovna is behind this attack. She’s Auggie’s ex. Auggie has to buy Natasha off. She’ll know he’s CIA.

Natasha greets Auggie with a slap. She says that she’ll release her code to the world. Auggie tells her that he works for the CIA. He’s always been CIA. She walks away.

Joan asks Auggie to use his feelings to try and turn Natasha.

Annie learns that Auggie is doing something with Liza Hearn. Auggie says that he’s dating her. Annie thinks that she is the leak. Auggie says that he’s working her to find her sources.

Auggie meets with Natasha. They see the FBI make a move. Auggie tells Natasha that if she moves away from him, they’ll come after her. There is an attempt on Natasha’s life using a car. In the commotion, Natasha got away. The Europeans were involved. They are part of the Russian Mob. Joan wants to toss it over to the FBI. Auggie is pissed.

Auggie finds Natasha at her place. She says she used to work for the Russians. They want the code. Auggie and Natasha go missing. They are on a train to Montreal. Annie found them. Auggie left some crumbs for Annie.

The Russians come after Auggie and Natasha. Auggie is able to fight them off. The FBI is hot on their tracks. Natasha jumps off the train after getting directions from Auggie. Auggie stays behind. He got the hack.

* * * * *

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