Rizzoli & Isles Your Boogie Man S01E08 (TNT)

I didn’t expect much of this show, but the first episode was intriguing. All in all, it’s a basic police procedural drama, with a woman acting as a lead detective. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before and by no means is it as compelling as The Closer, but it’s not bad. What makes this show worth watching is Sasha Alexander, who plays the Medical Examiner. It’s too bad that they lifter her character right out from Bones. Dr. Isles has got similar traits as Dr. Temperance Brennan played by Emily Deschanel.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Rizzoli thinks that someone is around her house. She hears noises and finds a flare outside her house. Someone is watching her.

They have a new case. His name is James Stein and his body was postured. There is no blood on the scene. He was a missing person. He vanished 2 years ago and was the main suspect in his wife’s murder.

Maura finds out that Stein’s body was frozen. He has been dead for a while. He also wasn’t the husband of the year. He beat his wife. There is adhesive residue from duct tape on his wrists. His mouth was taped. The killer used a scalpel. It’s Hoyt.

Maura stays with Jane. She gets her gun. Someone is still watching them. Frost arrives with some patrols a while later.

The FBI arrives. The Boston Bureau is working on it. Agent Dean comes to see Jane. Jane is told by the LT that she isn’t the lead detective on this. She’s too close.

Hoyt is interviewed by Maura. They aren’t giving Hoyt what he wants. In Hoyt’s clothes, they find a snapshot of Jane the night she found the flare.

They trace the mold on the photo to a vacant house. They find a DVD for Jane. Emily Stein is alive.

They almost trace her, but the killer is smart. I think that Lola is the killer, Frankie’s new girlfriend. She’s cooking for Jane. She pulls a gun on her. Frankie is all tied up in the bedroom.

Maura realizes that Stein had plastic surgery. She’s Lola. They match her to a snapshot they have. Lola is Emily.

Frankie gets the gun away from Lola by jamming his thumb between the hammer. He wrenches it away and shoots Emily.

* * * * *

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