Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E06 (Channel 4)

Chantelle and Coolio are talking about what happened last night with Nadia. Coolio is trying to get busy with Chantelle, but she’s not really interested. Michelle and Victor are watching this.

Nadia starts shouting like a nutter. Coolio hid some of her shoes. She’s having a meltdown. She goes to the diary room.

Coolio is called to the diary room. Coolio is acting like a toddler. He’s an idiot and a wanker. Love the baldy hair cut, has-been! Coolio just threw oil on the fire. Coolio just looks like a total wanker. Coolio says that he will continue bullying Nadia. He doesn’t use these words, but he’s such an imbecile that he doesn’t realize that he is bullying. What a great role model!

Nadia says that he is going to leave the house. It’s either her or Coolio. Ulrika is trying to calm the situation down. Coolio is still in the diary room. He’s been there for some while.

BB tells Coolio that the atmosphere isn’t going to change. Coolio asks to leave. The door opens and he leaves the BBUK house. It’s like he was ejected, not like he walked.

The HM are told that Coolio left. Chantelle is shocked. The HM are happy. Chantelle liked Coolio. Nikki feels relaxed. The HM talk about Coolio. Brian and Nikki were weary around him. Ulrika says that this was part of his gameplay.

Secret HM Michelle and Victor are out of the bedsit getting some air.

Nikki wants to move beds because of the bad aura. Ulrika tells Brian who confronts Nikki. He takes over Coolio’s bed.

Nasty Nick talks about the 1st BB. They thought that no one was watching. They only learned about this from the narrator, who said that there 4.5 million viewers.

Makosi is going on about some BS about BB in Africa. Ulrika does some disgusting parlour trick with her belly.

BB calls Michelle and Victor to the diary room. They have to choose a female HM to receive a slave. They choose Nadia. Stu is in the diary room waiting. Today, she gets him as her own slave for an hour.

Nadia and Brian are perving over Stu.

Victor and Michelle choose Brian and Nasty Nick to get some disco music as well as some dancing. All four of them are having fun.

The HM have to play a game. They have to describe the ex-HM. The other HM have to guess which HM they are describing. Ulrika and Victor didn’t take too kindly to the way that the HM described them.

Victor’s anger makes Michelle cry. He feels sorry for this. She just didn’t want him to go in the house guns blazing. Victor apologizes. She says that she also misses home.

* * * * *

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