Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E07 (Channel 4)

Ulrika tells Preston that she now feels like an outsider because of her age.

Makosi says that the incident with Anthony made her a political exile. No one gives a shit. She had sex with him in the Jacuzzi. Both Victor and Michelle agree.

Preston says that he loves his cats. Preston tells Chantelle and Brian that his girlfriend moved away. He’s on dating websites or speed dating. He means that he no longer is with his girlfriend.

Brian says that he doesn’t mind living here.

Chantelle, Brian, and Ulrika are talking about Preston. Chantelle starts to cry again. She says that when they split up, she should have gone away and seen a councillor. Nadia tells Chantelle that she needs to feel empowered. She has low self-esteem.

BB has provided HM with caricature big heads. Ulrika is called to the diary room. She predicts that Nadia will take off her head first and Brian will win.

Nikki’s job is moaning.

They must keep their heads on for as close to one hour as possible. Nadia lasts 1:23. Nikki lasted 56 minutes. Ulrika wasn’t wearing her head. Some of the HM are tickling each other and messing about. It’s funny. Preston and Chantelle are playing. Preston lasted 1:01:55. He wins. Chantelle takes off her big head last. The HM will receive special treats.

Michelle and Victor are in the diary room. They are given big heads and go into the garden. The HM recognize them immediately. They tell them that they were in the bedsit and played pranks.

Victor and Brian talk right away. It gets slightly awkward. A few minutes later, Brian is talking with Makosi and Ulrika about Victor. Brian says that Victor is very nice and they get along fine.

Preston and Nick talk about the new alpha male, Victor.

Makosi tells Chantelle that Preston still fancies her.

Michelle, Nadia, and Makosi are in the pool. Brian is dipping his feet in. Michelle says that Preston is boring. He keeps talking about nuclear fusion and his prescription glasses. She imitates him very well.

Preston is near. There are a lot of tits in the pool.

Nick and Victor get along well. They talk about the HM.

Victor and Chantelle are talking. Michelle darts in and darts out. She comes to the nest and tells Nick and Makosi that Vic is flirting with Chantelle.

The HM are in the bedroom talking about Nick and Victor. Nick looks very happy. They are both outside talking about who will win UBBUK.

* * * * *

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