Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E08 (Channel 4)

Makosi is taking a shower outside again. Victor is getting ready to watch. He takes a seat on a lawn chair and has a cigar. Makosi isn’t bothered too much. She asks him that he could take a shower with him.

Nasty Nick tells Vic that he’s got an evil plan. They’ll start stashing things around and hiding things.

While the HM nominate, they have to complete some of BB’s favourite tasks.


Brian                      Makosi                 Nick
Chantelle             Nikki                      Nadia                   “She moans.”
Makosi                 Brian                      Ulrika                   “He’s opinionated.”
Nadia                    Chantelle             Nick
Nick                       Makosi                 Nadia                    “She speaks in the 3rd person.”
Nikki                      Chantelle             Nick                      “I’m a bad smell under her shoe.”
Preston                 Makosi                 Ulrika
Ulrika                    Nikki                      Nick

Nick and Makosi are nominated with Nikki, Ulrika, Chantelle and Nadia. It’s funny to see Nikki getting zapped by the electrical shock. She overdoes it. On his way out, Brian stubs his toe and pukes. It’s really funny. There will be a double eviction on Friday.

Makosi says that BB confiscated her vibrator and her vuvuzela. The HM are talking about relationships.

Later, Makosi talks about her sex life. She admits that her boyfriend licks her asshole. Ulrika and Brian made funny faces and that makes her feel self-conscious. Makosi starts to cry. Michelle and Nadia go after her.

A bit later, Makosi tells Vic, Nick, and Nadia that she doesn’t like Ulrika. She says that the next time that someone makes a face or a snide remark, she’ll tear them a new one. Makosi says that they will just try to make her feel bad. Makosi says that she feels very African today.

These are not walls, this is a studio.

BB has gathered all of the HM. They have to build sheds. They are competing against Craig, a one-man handyman. Craig has a power tool. The HM don’t. Craig wins. It was a question of too many cooks. They are told that Craig will replace one of the HM. They need to point one of the HM who did the least amount of effort. It’s Brian and Chantelle. The HM have to pick one of them to leave the house. Craig will take their place. Craig tells them that he was just winding them up. It was a good one.

Ulrika observed Chantelle’s reaction to what happened. She immediately went to Preston and he hugged her. Brian panicked more. Ulrika thinks that Brian will win.

Vic and Nick are talking about Ulrika.

Michelle, Nadia, and Makosi are in the pool. Makosi says that the house is tense. Makosi tells them about Ulrika’s comments about Brian. Michelle can’t believe it.

Vic says that he will start stirring the pot. He wants to get Makosi and Ulrika angry. He will ask some sexual questions so that they will argue.

Her hairs are like pubes.
Ulrika about Makosi

Ulrika and Brian think that Nick is up to something.

Preston talks to the girls in the pool about Chantelle. He felt really bad about what happened. Nadia wonders if Chantelle lives in Preston’s shadow. I think that this is wrong of Nadia to do this. Chantelle and Preston still love each other. Makosi tells Preston that she was very proud about how he is with Chantelle.

Michelle tells Vic that she doesn’t really like Ulrika, because of the way she treats Kosi. Kosi isn’t likely to back off because someone feels uncomfortable.

* * * * *

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