Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E09 (Channel 4)

Ulrika and Chantelle tell Preston that what he is currently wearing makes him look 12 years old.

Makosi is in the diary room talking about Ulrika. She dislikes her and likes Nadia. Ulrika is picking Brian’s ear hair.

Nick is sharing his nicknames for the HM with Vic.

BB gathers the HM. They are told that they will become baton twirlers. Ulrika is reading. Ulrika shudders to Nikki’s reactions. She’s a mean bitch that one. She’s very judgmental. The routine is pretty tough. Chantelle used to be a majorette. She’s going to do the toughest part but she doesn’t want to be the choreographer. Nikki wants a bigger part of the task. Chantelle is troupe leader and Nikki is the choreographer. She said that she didn’t want it. She wanted troupe leader. Nikki is being difficult, as usual.

Nikki is being childish. She whinges to Makosi but she doesn’t want to cause a scene.

Some of the HM talk about Nikki’s attitude. Nikki decides to go for a run. The HM are annoyed. Nikki comes out and says that she doesn’t want to be a choreographer. Michelle and Brian say that they will help her. Nikki goes for a little run to help her concentrate. Ulrika is really annoyed.

Nadia makes Nikki laugh and she’s part of the task again. The HM repeat the routine.

Chantelle comes to the diary room to say that Preston is the best majorette. She’s got trouble saying the word choreographer, just like Nikki.

The HM pass the task. The HM are told who is nominated. Only Vic, Preston, Brian, and Michelle aren’t nominated. Everyone else will face the public vote.

Chantelle asks Preston if she leaves on Friday, she doesn’t want him to share a bed with another girl. Chantelle is upset about this, potentially seeing Preston with another girl on telly.

Chantelle tells Ulrika that one of the best parts of her doing this is that she was able to address her situation with Preston. She says that she will be able to move on. That’s why she wasn’t able to develop feelings for anyone else.

Oi, Trolley-Dolly!
Chest to Brian

Brian needs to make 3 HM tell him that they are the most famous in the BBUK house. The tree gives Brian a mission. He’s got an hour.

As part of their reward, HM get Indian takeaway. Nikki tells Brian that Ulrika is pissing her off. He goes after Nadia and Ulrika, as well as Nikki. He strikes out completely.

Brian is called to the diary room. His punishment for failing the task is that he’ll he edited badly. He gets to read a story in the diary room.

Nikki asks Nick why Ulrika hates her so much. Nick explains it well. He’s quite the gentleman.

* * * * *

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