Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E10 (Channel 4)

Makosi and Nadia are sunbathing and gossiping about God, Brian, and other things. They say that Brian is just interviewing the HM in here. Michelle joins them. They talk about witches and Makosi leaves.

Preston is in the diary room talking about Chantelle. He’s enjoying his time with her.

For this week’s shopping task, the HM must perform tasks from BBs past. Nick and Ulrika must perform a song. Preston must eat a box of chocolates. He’s got 2 hours to do so. The last time he did so, he was sick. This time, he must not be sick. He’s been eating them for 1:40 minutes. He finishes them off and doesn’t puke. Preston has got some geek charm, Mad Men style, which is endearing.

Makosi gets stung by a wasp. It’s funny. She’s limping to the diary room. Later, she becomes the world’s most unlucky HM. She has to listen to an annoying song. Initially, she doesn’t think it’s irritating. Later, she finds it really irritating. She is told about her fake secret task. She has to become unpopular.

BB tells the HM that in a few minutes, Makosi will be coming out. She will try and be the most unpopular HM. This isn’t her task. They have to be extra nice for the next hour.

Makosi comes to find Michelle and Nadia. Michelle is straightening Nadia’s hair. Makosi is trying to be mean, but it doesn’t work. They are super nice. She moves off to the garden, but Nikki, Preston, and Chantelle are very nice.

Makosi goes back to the diary room. She gets her mobile without any battery.

Ahmed from BB5 goes into the house. He throws some plates around. Michelle starts shouting at him, just like she did back then.

Ulrika and Nick do their singing performance. It’s the Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie duet. Ulrika isn’t half bad. She’s improved since last time.

Makosi and Vic are flirting. Makosi has got a nice smile.

Victor is snoring loudly in bed. Nikki can’t take it. She’s having a tantrum.

* * * * *

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