Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E11 (Channel 4)

Late last night, Nikki complained about the snoring. Michelle is talking about this with Makosi. Brian and Vic tell Nikki that she woke everyone up a few times last night. They didn’t get woken up by the snoring. Nikki doesn’t admit to anything. Michelle tells Ulrika and Makosi the same thing. Nikki woke them up, not the snoring. Ulrika says that in the life that Nikki leads, she’s allowed to do what she wants. Ulrika says that none of her children are allowed to behave this way. There is a double standard. They don’t use this work, naturally.

Vic, Preston, and Brian are singing loudly in the bathroom. Brian is showing off his bum.

Nikki apologizes to Ulrika. They talk about it like adults and hug it out.

I hate it how Makosi is going on about shit. We don’t really care what the hell she does at home.

For this week’s retrospective shopping task, HM are reliving old tasks. Chantelle, Vic, and Nadia are called in. They are going to be singing the Kandy Floss song that Chantelle sang in her version of BB.

Makosi is told by BB that she has to wear a green leotard. She has to wear this and has been told that it allows BB to edit her out of BB. This is completely false. Makosi is really ignorant. She totally believes BB.

From the reaction of the crowd, it looks like Makosi and Nick or Ulrika will be evicted.

Makosi is unaware that part of her unlucky task, Anthony Hutton will be having a picnic with her. Anthony tells her that he didn’t poke her with his penis, but he poked her with some fingers. Makosi apologizes for her behaviour.

Whenever Brian hears “Bubble hold me”, he needs to dance with a surprise guest. The first is Marco from BB5. The 2nd dance routine is with Samanda. Then, it’s Glyn. Nikki is crying. Glyn gives her a big hug. That was nice.

Makosi is annoyed that neither Ulrika nor Preston said “you’re welcome” when she thanked them for the food. She makes a point of it. Nadia nags Ulrika for a cracked plate. Ulrika is pissed off now. She goes to the bedroom. Brian comforts her. Nadia comes in the bedroom and starts to shout at her. Nadia is a total bitch/bastard. Ulrika isn’t backing down. After it leaves, Ulrika is crying even more. What a petty bastard.

Michelle says that she’s not getting involved.

-Maybe Nadia is on her period.
-Yeah, unlikely, but yeah.
Nikki and Brian

Nadia does a poor-me and goes to have a fake cry. He is a bully.

It’s time for Kandy Floss. It’s hilarious. Preston knew all of the lyrics. Davina says that they must love each other.

The new HM is Vanessa Feltz. Vic is having going to have a wedding ceremony with her.

Eviction Night

It looks like Makosi and Nadia are going to be evicted. The 1st one out is Makosi. The crowd is chanting “Get Nadia out!”. Love it. She’s greeted with a chorus of boos.

Nadia is evicted. Good riddance.

Michelle is singing with a quire. She’s quite good. Feltzi approaches in a veil and a wedding dress. It was a very moving song by Michelle Bass. I really liked it.

* * * * *

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