Rubicon Connect the Dots S01E05 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t disappointing and I can’t wait to see more of this show. It’s surprising how good I found this. It’s actually hard to describe, but basically, a think tank considers national security investigations and are asked to find out more about them. It’s also got to do with espionage, money trails, and other conspiracies.

* * * * *

Will asked Miles to run down Donald Bloom, ex-CIA black ops. He’s in NYC. Ed finds Will. He tells Will to check the white papers on Houston, Texas. He tells Will to connect the dots.

Tanya shows up at work wearing dark glasses. She’s had another rough night. Ingram notices. She looks haggard and slightly drunk. Ingram tells Will that he has been ordered to attend Mrs. Spangler’s annual charity dinner. He has donate $250. Ingram wants to talk about Tanya. He wants Will to talk to her. She’s his responsibility.

Will goes to see the white papers. He finds it empty.

Will runs the team meeting. Tanya is totally out of it. She says that they should concentrate on George. Yuri is a criminal branching out into drugs. Will tells Tanya that she needs to write it up so that she can pitch it to Spangler.

Katherine is meeting with a financial analyst of some kind. He could be a lawyer. He tells her to sell MRQ, the company that Tom wanted to keep. Katherine elects to keep it. Everyone tells her to get rid of it.

Ed is trying to find Bloom. He found Bloom at the Waldorf. Will found some white papers. One of them was written by David, but it was stolen. It keeps circling back to API. Will plans on following Bloom and see where this leads him.

It’s probably a bad idea. Some ex-CIA black ops operative isn’t going to be easy to follow unnoticed. Will hasn’t got the best track record with this. Will sees Bloom meet with Ingram. Ingram spots him, naturally.

Ingram hired Bloom for a gig. He says that Ingram’s man is cagey. I bet that he was hired to follow and track Will. Either that or it has to do with David. Will goes back to API and asks Maggie to tell him everything about Ingram. Ingram used to be an ops guy from the CIA recruited by Spangler. It’s funny how Maggie was able to read the distraught on Will’s face. She obviously yearns to be with him. He’s just too dumb, socially at least, to notice. That or he won’t start an office romance. Their relationship is complex.

Ingram goes to see Spangler. He asks if David’s loose ends had been neatly tied up. Spangler says yes. Spangler has David’s white paper and is shredding it. It was called The Houston Problem.

Tanya is pitching her speech to her team. Her speech is full of problems, but they help her out. Grant and Miles tear her to shreds. Later, Tanya talks with Will. He says that he thinks that she is right. They should focus on George Beck. He’s the nexus of something big.

Will goes to see Hal again. He has him run a search on Bloom and Ingram. They find a file named Zodiac. It’s got the highest security rating. The minute that it’s opened, it will be traced.

Will goes to see Bancroft. He finds his door open. Ed is connecting the dots. He says that in 1983, the CIA launched an op to assassinate Hezbollah leaders. Bloom was part of this. The go-code was the crossword puzzle that Ed worked on. Very soon, Bloom will assassinate someone in Nigeria or Houston. The crossword puzzle that Will found must have given the go-code for upcoming assassinations. Ed looks like he’s freaking out. Will lies to Ed and says that they had the wrong Bloom.

At the charity event, Will runs into Katherine. He sees Spangler talking with Wheeler and another man. It’s RC Gilbert.

The squalls have been shipped.
Friend of Spangler

Ingram talks with Will about Bloom. He says that he is an old friend. Ingram threatens him.

Tanya makes her speech to Spangler, Ingram, and Travers. Spangler buys it. He says that it’s done. They will drop Yuri.

Tanya is an alcoholic. After the speech, she goes to have a drink in the middle of the day.

Spangler meets the surveillance types that Bloom works with. They give him a recording of what Will told Ed. In it, Will says that they have gone way overboard and should drop it.

Spangler says that they should concentrate on Katherine Rohmer. Ingram was watching this whole thing.

Katherine visits MRQ. MRQ used to make clothes. She finds a locked filing cabinet that she is able to open with the date of her wedding anniversary. She finds a clipping of a newspaper. The death of a Professor Bradley was ruled a suicide.

Will comes to see Ingram. He’s got photos of Beck with Medari in Imman. Medari is a key player in terrorism in the region. Will puts her name on the next round of drug tests. Tanya was spot on.

At home, Will is trying to connect the dots. Contrary to Bancroft, he’s got real intel.

* * * * *

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