Rubicon Look to the Ant S01E06 (AMC)

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There is so much about this show that is really interesting. First of all, the main characters all work in a think tank. I find that an interesting line of work. They are basically paid to think about certain problems. It all looks collegiate, but there is more than meets the eye, as the protagonist discovers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

I like where this is going, but the intrigue is slowly building. We’re already at episode 6 and this show probably has got another 4 or so before it ends. It’s too bad, because this is one of the best shows on TV. You definitely need to watch everything that you see, otherwise it’s hard to miss the connections. We learned that Bloom is connected to Roy, who’s also ex-CIA. He now works for Atlas MacDowell, the company on who’s board Tom Rohmer served as. When Bradley committed suicide, his spot on Atlas MacDowell’s board of directors was filled by Tom. Ingram is helping Will out. He tells him about the bugs and surveillance.

* * * * *

Someone breaks into Will’s place. It looks like Ingram. He sees what Will has been working on.

At the office, Maggie is snooping around Will’s desk. Maggie tells him that Kale requests him over for dinner at his apartment.

Miles is going to stay to watch George’s surveillance feed that the NSA will pipe over.

Will goes to see Ingram. He is met by some dude named Walter. His place is awesome. He says that Al-Quaeda is a like a web, a self-organized network. Ingram gives Will a report about Bloom. He was in a car accident with Edward Roy. Will should be interested in Roy, not Bloom. Who Roy is working for, that’s what Will should be looking into. Ingram says that he is drawing undue attention to himself at API. This should be completely off the books. Ingram implies that his home is bugged. He should keep them in place. He sweeps his place twice a week, sometimes more. Ingram is offering his help. He shouldn’t work from home. He should be off the radar.

Will goes home and finds bugs all over the place.

Katherine goes to see Bradley’s widow. She doesn’t get much. Bradley served on the board of Atlas MacDowell. In her home, she finds a plaque from that company from 2007.

Maggie’s ex-husband takes her girl Sophie for the weekend, or something like that. She phones Will, who’s busy with the bugs. She wants to go out for drinks. He says that he can’t and hangs up. That sounded weird. Will packs up all of his stuff, including his investigation and takes David’s gun with him. He goes to a cybercafé in Chinatown. He’s being followed. He checks up on Edward Roy. Roy is the guy who Bloom was with. Roy works for ARZ Services.

Will manages to lose his tail. He pulls a gun on him. The guy doesn’t know why he is following him. They didn’t tell him. Will takes his picture and threatens him.

Maggie invites some geek over to her place. Maggie is still living in boxes. She’s taking translation classes. The geek is in her class. The geek is clueless. Maggie wants to get laid. She hooks up with the geek. She has sex with him. He doesn’t understand that it was a one-night-stand for her. Will knocks at her door. Will looks distraught. This is exactly what Maggie wanted and she managed to ruin it. The geek speaks up and Will has to leave. She tells the geek to leave.

Miles notices something while he is watching the feed. He runs around the office to find someone who speaks Urdu. He finds some girl named Julia Darwell from another team. Miles thought that they would be speaking German. Julia is smoking hot, in a geek way.

Much later, Miles spots an Iranian intelligence officer. George Beck makes a moving speech during the wedding.

The next day, things are awkward between Will and Maggie. He speaks with Ingram on the roof. Roy is ex-CIA. He formed his own security firm. His firm was bought by Atlas MacDowell, but he still runs it. That’s the connection with Katherine. Ingram says that they are monitoring him at API as well.

After Bradley’s death, Tom Rohmer took his place on the board of Atlas MacDowell. Katherine goes to see Bradley’s widow again. On Gerald’s desk, Alice found a four-leaf clover. She had it encased in plastic. This is exactly what Katherine found.

* * * * *

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