Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E12 (Channel 4)

The HM are rudely awoken. In BB7, Nikki became BB’s PA for the day. Nikki immediately starts to whinge. She’s got stuff to do, apparently. She whinges to all of the HM. They don’t pay her any attention.

The HM are talking about Nadia. Ulrika just wants to forget it and move on.

Then, Nikki whinges about bacon. Nikki is PA to Pete Bennett. Her first task is to write a column. Then, she has to sort some paperclips according to color. Then, she has to sharpen 100 pencils.

Kosi tells Michelle and Nadia that Preston is fit. Vic, Nick, and Ulrika are talking about Nadia.

Michelle has been called to the diary room. BB wants her to sing the same song that she did in her edition of BB. She will be joined by a gospel quire and she will sing in front of the eviction crowd. She gets to practice. It’s really good.

Nikki gets to see Pete. Pete is acting very nutty.

Vic, Nick, and Preston are talking about the girls in BB11.

Brian, Chantelle, and Ulrika are talking about Nadia.

All of the HM are gathered. They are told that they will reprise the wedding task from BB5. Vic is the groom, Nadia is the best man, and Michelle will be singing.

Nick says that Makosi is going. Vic says that it is between Makosi and Nadia. It’s too close to call.

It’s eviction night. The HM hear the chant ‘Get Nadia out’. It’s great fun. Nadia is greeted with a shitload of boos. The HM are shocked.

Michelle goes to sing Pie Jesu. The HM gather to celebrate. Brian recognizes Feltzie. They do some dancing.

Feltzie and Chantelle are talking about Preston and Chantelle’s marriage. She says that Preston doesn’t love her that way anymore. Chantelle still loves him. That’s so sad.

He doesn’t love me like he did, I just know.

* * * * *

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