My Daily Tweets 09-10-2010

  • 00:08:10: @hrrrthrrr I remember seeing the ‘E’ in your ABC book. I haven’t managed to find it again on your tumblr.
  • 01:51:08: n+1: The Vertical Altar via @nplusonemag
  • 03:02:51: From Twitter 09-09-2010:
  • 15:05:30: Sleek-Looking Coway Air Purifier Keeps It Clean While Looking Good:
  • 15:07:30: 14-Year Old Submits Watch Design to Tokyoflash: Not Too Shabby!:
  • 15:15:51: The Vertical Altar @ n+1:
  • 15:17:51: A close friend is getting a divorce. It’s hit me harder than I thought. I really miss my wife. She’s doing DIY all by herself in the USA.
  • 15:18:52: It hasn’t helped that I’m obsessing about #Anathem. I don’t know when I started it, but I’ll complete my 2nd read in a few days.
  • 15:22:44: Jared’s Über-Clean & Mostly Cordless Workstation:
  • 15:23:05: Being a freelance writer is a constant challenge, which is why I enjoy it so much.
  • 15:24:22: Back to School Tips: Cutting Costs Where It’s Needed:
  • 20:38:50: RT @M_Ahmadinejad: I like to retaliate by burning a book that you Americans hold dear, but the only book you care about is Facebook.
  • 20:38:56: RT @M_Ahmadinejad: I see that the Great Satan’s favorite pastime is back: watching illiterate man boys smashing into each together on Sa …
  • 20:39:06: RT @M_Ahmadinejad: Just got a letter from Steve Jobs. Apparently we are no longer allowed to use the letter “I” in the word “Iran” anymore.
  • 20:40:23: RT @clashcityrocker: “Nokia…Where good ideas go to die.” – Dopplr “source.” (via @charlesarthur)
  • 20:42:42: “My verbal filter didn’t kick in in time.”
  • 20:50:09: “my problem with the Millennium trilogy is not its genre, or its plot, or its characters.”
  • 20:50:16: “It’s the fact that the bestselling books in the world are poorly written, erotic fan fiction that a man wrote about himself.”
  • 20:50:45: More here:
  • 20:52:09: A new TSA terror warning targets photographers in hoodies as a national security threat.
  • 20:59:40: RT @asimone: I’ve essentially been interneting since 2000 and started @clusterflock in 2002 and still I am not entirely sure what fascin …
  • 21:00:22: RT @brem: Ca a pris 2 minutes pis une chanson niaiseuse pour endormir ma fille!
  • 21:54:28: Meet me at my coffice –
  • 22:12:30: holy crow, it’s raining again.
  • 22:17:23: RT @MaximOLeclerc: J’ai réalisé hier que Saint-Jean et Jésus étaient, comment dire, amis plus plus. C’est-tu pas beau l’université. #gay …
  • 22:33:08: Two posts down, two more to go
  • 22:37:22: The grade 5 boys are really lazy, which is an incredible contrast to the g5 girls, which include Gigi and Ariel, two of my smartest students
  • 22:38:02: The girls are close to being fluent in English. Unlike the Grade 6 girls, except Vera, they like to talk in English.
  • 22:40:29: The Chinese teacher is new and finds the G5 class hard to teach. it’s fine w me. I don’t mind being strict w the boys.
  • 22:41:20: One kid started to cry after I told him that he’d have to wait to break time to eat his food. I didn’t really care. Rules are rules.
  • 23:11:19: The Yodeling Radio Man, A “Classic” Robot From the 1930s:
  • 23:14:42: RT @strafe: Badabaume, c’est drôle en tabarouette.
  • 23:25:24: Jeez, 23:24, TGIF? Just finished work.

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