Mad Men Public Relations S04E01 (AMC)

Mad Men is a American TV show on the cable network AMC. It was created by Matthew Weiner, best known for working on The Sopranos.

Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper, a self-made ad-man in Manhattan. He’s recently been made partner, after Roger Sterling, another partner, had a heart-attack. He’s got two children and a wife named Betty. Don is a womanizer, albeit not as blatant as a few other guys at the office. He always sees a girl on the side. The first half of the last season, he was seeing a girl name Midge. Later on, he became involved with Rachel Menken.

Don always tries to be discreet, but this actually caused some trouble. Rachel left at the end of last season on a cruise.

Don is an enigmatic man. He’s a man with no past. That’s because he was originally Dick Widman, the bastard child of a farmer and a prostitute. His mother died in childbirth and he went on to live a loveless life with his father, who died when he was 10.

Dick joined the army and took a new name when his lieutenant was killed. He reinvented himself since then.

Peggy Olsen is another main character. She started out as a secretary but has recently been made a junior copywriter with her own office. It’s almost unheard of in this office, which is dominated by men. Peggy had a bastard child last season, thanks to Pete, a junior exec at Sterling-Cooper, who has become jealous of her raw talent.

The show takes place in the 1960s. Misogyny, racism, sexism and other social issues are prevalent here. Mad Men doesn’t hide them. They actually are in your face, so it’s hard to forget that America used to be like that in the past. Everybody smokes and drinks in this show. It’s incredible that they manage to work as much drunk.

As with before, I feel like Mad Men episodes are best when watched in batches. As such, I’ve started watching season 4 two weeks ago. I’ve got 3 episodes to catch up.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The new agency is just starting and things are tough. Don is divorced and living in the city. He’s still paying for everything. He’s actually paying for Betty to live in his house with her new husband.

* * * * *

Sterling, Cooper, Draper, & Pryce, how may I help you?

Don is getting interviewed for some magazine. Roger and Pete join them. They are going to meet some clients. Jantzen is a swimsuit company and they are having problems.

The new office looks good. Don meets his accountant. It turns out that Betty is living in his house with her new beau. Roger is trying to hook Don up with one of Jane’s friends. Don is living in a rinky-dink apartment. He goes out with Jane’s friend. Don is really divorced now. Mad Men is such a beautiful show.

Peggy, Pete, and a new guy are putting together an ad campaign for a new client. They stage a mock fight between two housewives over some ham. Guerrilla marketing?

Crane is back from LA. He sold a TV special to ABC.

I don’t like the doors at the new office. I like the frosted glass doors better. Roger isn’t happy about the article that was written about Don. Don didn’t use it as a PR opportunity and he sounds like a prick.

The stunt worked well with the company. Joey, Peggy, and Pete are happy about this. Peggy comes up with some new ideas to work the fight into the ad campaign.

They lost an account because Don didn’t mention the name of the company. They need the account. Harry has to call them and pretend he doesn’t know anything about this. They need a PR person. Coop is getting Don another interview.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Smiths. Smith has got some adult children already. It looks pretty awkward. I wonder why Betty is with this prick. Sally is being difficult. Betty has to deal with the situation. The other kid is happy. Betty must be married again, in order for her to live with Smith.

Don is having a prostitute over. It’s strange, Don doesn’t like her taking off the brassiere. He wants her to mount him and slap him. Peggy calls Don. She needs $280 for bail. She tells him about the fight they staged. Don is pissed, but he gives her the money when she comes by.

Don picks up the kids. Henry and Betty have sex in their car. When Don drops them off the next day, Betty and Henry aren’t there. Don smokes and waits for them. Don asks them when they are moving out. Either they move out or start paying him rent. Don leaves. Betty isn’t even looking for a new house.

We are all here because of you. All we want is to please you.
Peggy to Don

Aha, Henry’s mom mentions it. She says that Henry is living in that man’s dirt.

Don is giving the presentation to Jantzen. It doesn’t go well. Don is pissed off. It was too risky for their tastes. He sends them out.

Don has another interview. He gives him the real story about how the agency got started.

* * * * *

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