Rizzoli & Isles The Beast In Me S01E09 (TNT)

I didn’t expect much of this show, but the first episode was intriguing. All in all, it’s a basic police procedural drama, with a woman acting as a lead detective. It’s not something that hasn’t been done before and by no means is it as compelling as The Closer, but it’s not bad. What makes this show worth watching is Sasha Alexander, who plays the Medical Examiner. It’s too bad that they lifter her character right out from Bones. Dr. Isles has got similar traits as Dr. Temperance Brennan played by Emily Deschanel.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Some guy gets killed in his car. Why do they need a warrant to get into the car? There is an apparent dead body, isn’t that probable cause? They tow the car to the police CSI garage. The man has got no fingerprints. They were burned off with acid on purpose. He’s a ghost. The car is registered to a dummy corporation. He’s got a bunch of passports and IDs in his trunk. They find some of his art in this trunk. It’s drawn by hand and very meticulous.

He died because of the icepick in his brain. There’s a problem with the DNA samples. Maura finds that the man on the slab is her brother. The DNA says that he’s her half-brother. Her adoption was private. All her adoptive parents knew was her birthday. Her adoption files were sealed.

Thanks to his drawings, they find the place where he was crashing. They trigger an alarm. They find some guy. He’s an identity thief. His name is Drew Beckett, a well-known hacker. He developed some kind of hacking hardware. It was built for identity theft, but it can also reveal IDs. His DOB is Colin Doyle. He’s the son of Patrick Doyle, a mobster. Beckett just wired $250K to an offshore account. Beckett isn’t talking.

Paddy Doyle arrives to ID his son. He’s using another name. Doyle gives her a DNA sample. He knows who she is. He leaves.

Jane tells Maura that she is in danger. Whoever wants Doyle dead will use Maura as bait. Frost and Korsak take part in the investigation. They find a Road Assist button. There is a recording available, but they’ll need a court order.

Someone got into Colin Doyle’s file at the Coroner’s office. They know that Maura is Paddy Doyle’s daughter. Maura is abducted by Paddy Doyle. Doyle says that her birth mother and himself had to give her up for her own safety. She never forgave him. His son found him when he was 15 after his mom revealed who his birth father was. He’s always kept an eye on her. He gives her some cell phone. Maura goes to see Jane.

They match the recording from the road assist to Tommy O’Rourke.

Maura won’t call Doyle, but someone told him. They find O’Rourke dead.

* * * * *

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