Ultimate Big Brother UK Final S01E18 (Channel 4)

Today is the last day of BB. Oh boo-hoo. I won’t miss the Ultimate edition, but the regular edition will be missed.

Chantelle is talking with Brian about a conversation had with Preston last night. Chantelle says that she is still completely in love with him. That’s so sad.

The HM go to the diary room and talk about BB. Marcus Bentley hosts a mock funeral BB. Boring. Skipped it.

Tonight, HM get a party. Chantelle is crying in the toilet. Ulrika is comforting her. Preston has gone out to the garden. A sad song was playing.

We see a VT about what happens behind the scenes of BB.

Davina talks with the UBBUK house. Ulrika finishes 7th. Preston finishes 6th. That wasn’t surprising. Preston tells Davina that he didn’t know that Chantelle had been crying this much. She took him apart earlier today to tell him. Preston is shown footage of Chantelle.

Nick finishes 5th. Vic finishes 4th.

There’s a VT about Jade Goody. She went into rehab after her time in the BBUK Celebrity House. The whole incident had to do with some racist remarks she made about Shilpa Shetty. She went to BB India. At the time, she was getting sicker. It was diagnosed while she was in the BBIN house. She was told in the house.

Davina talks with the finalists. She reveals that Chantelle finished 3rd. Brian wins UBBUK. Nikki finished 2nd.

* * * * *

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