Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E13 (Channel 4)

The HM are woken up by ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ by Björk.

The HM find a table, which is a smaller version of the one Feltzie wrote stuff on when she was ejected. She wrote some crazy stuff. Michelle is eating breakfast by herself in the garden. Ulrika is cleaning the bedroom toilet. Vanessa is cleaning the bathroom toilet.

Michelle has come to the diary room. She feels lonely. Both Makosi and Nadia were evicted. They were her friends. She didn’t expect Nadia to go.

Vanessa is handed a chalk and the shopping list to do the shopping. Ulrika and Vanessa start it. Nikki wants some stuff, but is quickly rebuffed because they are doing veg and fruits. After they are finished, Feltzie writes some nice messages for BB.

BB has provided costumes for the HM. The HM are talking about Feltzie’s gastric bypass band. She had one fitted a few weeks ago. HM must attempt to remain silent whilst attempting a variety of tasks set forth by Rex. Brian has to find a needle in a bunch of nettles. Michelle will be tickled by BB brainbox John Tickle. Nikki has to transfer some dead fish. Rex throws them at her. Ulrika has to eat a wasabi cornet. Feltzie and Chantelle must play catch. Preston faces a 3 minutes of wrestling holds. Nick has to crawl across some brushes. Vic is drenched with some disgusting concoctions. All of the HM remained silent so they passed the task. They will receive a party.

The HM are talking about love. Chantelle tells Preston that it was hard to watch him get beat up. Ulrika is talking about her marriages.

Most of the HM are getting ready for the very loud party tonight.

HM overspent on their shopping by over £200, they won’t be receiving everything on their list.

Preston tells Chantelle that loads of food is missing because Ulrika didn’t want to add up the shopping tally. Chantelle says that it’s a recipe for disaster.

Vic has come to the diary room to thank BB. He’s got a full stomach and a full heart.

Nikki offers to swap beds with Feltzie. Nikki wants to take her bed because of the clean sheets, or some poppycock reason. Preston says that Feltzie won’t take any shit from Nikki. Nikki tells Feltzie that she wants to swap beds with her. Feltzie tells her that they can swap when they get clean sheets. Nikki is being difficult. She keeps going on and on about the beds.

* * * * *

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