Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E14 (Channel 4)

Feltzie, Nikki, and Vic are talking about politics, death, and taxes. BB says that nominations will take place today. Vanessa will nominate and can be nominated. Vic says that he might just go random. Most of the HM don’t take it well.


Brian                      Preston                 Nick
Chantelle             Nikki                      Nick                       “My 2nd nomination is for nick, coz we just don’t stick.”
Feltzie                   Brian                      Chantelle             “She’s a sweet heart.”
Michelle               Feltzie                   Nick                       “He makes these idiotic hand signals.”
Nick                       Feltzie                   Ulrika                    “She’s as cold as a polar bear’s bum.”
Nikki                      Michelle              Ulrika                    “She’s like a new HM.”
Preston                  Feltzie                  Michelle
Vic                          Brian                      Chantelle
Ulrika                    Nikki                      Michelle               “Her mood swings are tedious.”

Michelle, Nick, and Vanessa received 3 noms and as such will face the public vote. Vic is the only HM not to get any noms.

Nikki is waxing her arms.

Feltzie says that she’s had loads of botox. Ulrika and Brian talk about plastic surgery. Whatever.

For today’s task, the HM will be taking part of Feltz, Feltzie’s show. Michelle is the runner, providing refreshments to the HM, Vic is the producer and Brian is something else. I don’t care.

Nikki is the 1st guest, “I’m a grown woman, why can’t I stop throwing tantrums?”. Next, it’s Nick, “Nasty or nice?”. Chantelle and Preston are next. Chantelle starts to cry for real. Ulrika is next.

Chantelle and Preston are in the bedroom. The HM leave them in peace. Preston goes for a smoke. Chantelle talks with Feltzie.

Ulrika tells Vic, Brian, and Michelle that it was a big gamble for them to come in here. She’s talking about Chantelle and Preston.

Vic says that Preston is upset because Chantelle is upset. The HM are almost having a meeting after the show.

Preston tells Chantelle that he knew that she would cry. Chantelle says that she knew that she would cry as soon as she stepped on stage. Preston thought that it was inappropriate. The HM get a party. Chantelle is laughing again.

The HM get a cocktail. There is a message in them to tell them if they are nominated. Nick, Feltzie, and Michelle face eviction. Nikki is amazed that she isn’t nominated. Vic and Nick are surprised that Michelle was nominated.

* * * * *

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